Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Back from Pori!!!

Hi, guys!

Finally I have time to rest and blog. Arrived at 11 pm on Sunday night and I had to go to bed right away 'coz at 5.45 I had to get up to get ready to work and yesterday I had an evening shift, so I could rest longer on Monday night.

R2 took us to the bus station on Wed morning and the bus was already there. The bus trip went fine and we got off in the train station. The train was waiting for us already, so we found our seats and sat down right away. Then it started raining in Rovaniemi. Along the way from Rovaniemi to Parkano (probably around 800 km), it kept on pouring rain (the train stopped in many stations).

In some parts it rained so hard and when we were nearing Parkano's train station, we got up to get prepared to get off, but then the train stopped before we reached the station. After waiting for 20 minutes, there was an announcement that there had been storms there around the area and there were fallen trees on the train tracks, so they had to get rid of them before we could continue our journey.

So we decide to sit down again 'coz we didn't know how long it was going to take. From the seats, we could see many fallen trees all around us. first train journey in Finland and this kind of thing happened. Anyhow, passengers started calling the people who were going to pick them up to let them know about this condition. In the end, the train was 45 minutes late. BIL then took us to their rented cabin in Kihniö. Kihniö is an area in Parkano and Parkano is about 1-1,5 hour drive from Pori. Here let me show you the map from Sodankylä to Pori.

If you want to see the inside of the train, go to this link: Intercity Juna. Scroll down the page a little and then you'll find a picture of the train. We sat in Vaunu 2. Click on it and then scroll down the page again and under the picture, click on "Katso panoraama-kuva". Alataso means 1st floor and ylätaso means the second floor (we sat on the 1st floor). You can also see the other car and restaurant panorama pictures by visiting the first link.

Anyway, BIL told us that the electricity in Parkano had been switched off due to the storm, including in the cabin area. He still had to buy some groceries, but he took us first to the cabin to rest. Then he took off to find an open store near the area. SIL and I then left MIL in the cabin to rest while we went to the outdoor grilling place to cook some chicken. It was our first time to grill anything on our own, but we managed to do it pretty well ha ha ha...

Here are some pics of the cabin:

I slept on this red sofabed. The fireplace next to it can be used to grill sausages. :-D

Here's a pic of the fireplace:

The door on the left is the bedroom. The closed door leads to the toilet, shower, and sauna. Behind the fireplace there's a small kitchenette plus the fridge and a dishwasher.

Here's the view outside from inside the cabin:

That day we had dinner together inside the cabin 'coz there were so many mosquitoes outside. BIL came back right on time to eat. Then we just talked and played cards. Finally at around 11 pm the lights went on again and we could turn on the sauna. After sauna we played cards again until late. I'm gonna share more pics later on. Now I'm going to blog-hop a little.


  1. wahhhh....the cabin looks so nice!! *bener2 jadi mupeng pengen ke Finland* hehehe

    The train looks really nice too (waktu liat2 fotonya bener2 serasa lagi di dalem train. haha).

    Sounds like you had a great time too biarpun mati lampu hehe =) Looking forward to more pictures! =D

  2. that sounds like a pretty eventful trip especially with the trees in the track. But it's nice and less stressful when you're spending time w/ someone that you love. I like the pictures of the cabin !