Tuesday, May 31, 2011

New Bed

Our new bed arrived yesterday. Remember that in the second bedroom we only have a sofabed and sometimes we take a nap on that sofabed during the day. We'd been wanting to buy a new bed but it wasn't a top priority, so only now hubby found a great deal for the bed and the mattresses. Yesterday we were busy putting it together.

For me doing things like this with hubby is SO MUCH FUN. I suppose in a way it's because my dad was never much of a handyman plus in Indo, hiring a handyman to fix stuff in our place was still affordable (unlike here in Finland). I find it SO SEXY to see hubby in action like that (I'm being very serious here, not joking). On top of that, we get to spend quality time together, laughing and singing crazy songs he he he...

I went to a furniture store in the afternoon 'coz it was closing up, so they were selling everything at a discount. I bought 3 pillows and one sofa pillow 'coz my own pillow was starting to be unshapely he he he he he...and my new pillow was just great!!! :-D

Tonight MIL is going to spend a night here 'coz tomorrow we (she and I) have an early morning bus ride to catch and due to the fact that MIL has hearing problems, she takes off her hearing aid during the night, so it's kinda hard for her to get up so early when she can't even hear the alarm. So we're going to help wake her up he he he...and she gets to try our new bed.

Hubby also said yesterday that we should probably sleep in the second (much smaller) bedroom in winter 'coz it's easier to warm up the smaller room. I agree completely, so I suppose in winter we're going to switch to that bedroom. It's kinda fun to be able to "change scenery", you know? HE HE HE HE HE HE...

I've packed almost all the necessary stuff for tomorrow's trip. I only need to show MIL my dress to make sure that it's decent enough to wear to a party like this. I don't want to be overdressed but I don't want to be too casual either. Why? Because the first year I was here, we were invited to that kind of party and I HAD NO IDEA what to wear. At that time we were just coming back from the cabin (straight to the party). I remember it was such a hot day and I was wearing jeans and T-shirt and I felt so out of place 'coz everybody else was wearing formal clothes. Gee whiz...and R2 didn't even tell me about it he he he...I guess he hadn't been invited to many parties like that, either. Oh well...now I know better, but still I'd better ask MIL just to be sure he he he...:-D

Anyway, I'll be back only later next week I suppose...take care, everybody, and have a wonderful time!!!


  1. Hey Amel,

    Oh yeah, changing the decoration of any space can be extremely fun!

    Enjoy your trip and be back safely :D!


  2. Uhuhhhh... OK...so what you are REALLY saying subconsciously then Amel, is that you found the fix it men, sexy and intriguing back in Indo as a kid!

    I can just see the 'little inner Amel' peering around the doorway.. in awe of the big, bold and fearless fix it man! :D

    Which shop is closing down?

    What you need Amel, is the classic 'little black dress'. The one style fits all occasions! The best thing to have in a wardrobe.

    Have a great time! I got an invite to one for the first time ever, but decided to decline.