Friday, June 17, 2011

3BT: Random Days

1. Making a decision after thinking about it for a few days and knowing deep in my heart that it's the right call.

2. R2 is unwell now, which is "good" in a way 'coz then when my friends come here for a visit, he is well enough to drive to Rovaniemi to pick them up. Now I only need to hope that I won't catch the viruses 'coz it's been spreading around the village (one coworker is sick and another one started coughing yesterday).

3. FIL has stopped asking MIL, "When's your holiday ending? When are you taking me back home?" and thus MIL can now stop feeling guilty. In fact, when she took her back home for a few hours, he said that he wanted to go back home (to the nursing house).

4. I bought a tiger roll that I had never tried before the other day and it smells and tastes SO good!!!

5. Excitement 'coz my friends are coming for a visit soon (in 10 days). Can't wait to meet them!!! Haven't seen them in about 4 years. ;-D

6. Rubbing R2's cold hands to make them warm and seeing gratitude in his sweet smile. He's such a babe!!! :-D

7. Some of my fave TV series are coming back soon (Good Wife, Criminal Minds). YIIIIHHHHAAAAA!!!!

8. Buying some gifts for my loved ones and also souvenirs for my friends (grateful that I have the money to buy them). :-D

9. The weather's stopped being too hot (the other week it was 31'C three days in a row - which was unusual 'coz usually it only lasted for a day - and we don't have any fan or aircon, so it was really stuffy inside and it was hard to sleep well at nights).

10. Finding a funny manga about a teacher and being able to laugh out loud.

11. Recreating the kind of food that my Mom used to make us. Brings me straight back to the kitchen when she prepared the food for us. :-D


  1. Hope R2 get well soon. Have a great weekend, Amel.

  2. I'm surprised that your FIL wanted to go back to the nursing home. We are too afraid of my dad begging to stay if we brought him home.

  3. but I'm glad that it worked out ok w/ your FIL.
    I LOVE 3BT !

  4. @Jul: THANKS! You too, Jul!

    @ChicagoWing: Yeah, it was a bittersweet surprise for us, too, that he said he didn't remember the apartment he stayed in with MIL (but then again they only stayed there together for about 8 months before he was then taken to the nursing home).

    Yeah, I know what you mean that you're all afraid that your dad would beg to stay if you brought him home. It's sad, but sometimes we just can't do things our way. :-(