Sunday, August 07, 2011

Childhood Memory: Kaleidoscope

I remembered that when I was a child, one time I was playing with this magnificent toy whose name I never knew. It was the shape of a small "telescope" and I had to peep into it to see wonderful abstract images. If I shook the "telescope tube", the abstract image changed pattern. Felt like magic at that time!!!

Ever since then, I had been wondering what it was and where I could possibly find it again. I had this nagging feeling, though, that it was from USA, so I never tried to find it in Indonesia. I don't know if I had that toy or if it was my cousin's toy or if a relative who lives in the States gave it to me, but I remember the magical feeling I had when I was playing with the toy. It was just beautiful to play with! Too beautiful to be true. Shake once, the pattern changed. Shake again, it kept on changing patterns. Amazing!

Anyhow, a few months ago when I was trying to find educational toys for Ken (after we bought the plane tickets to Indo), I went to this online store and accidentally found it!!!! Its name is Kaleidoscope. Click on the link to read the history of kaleidoscope. It's been around since 1817!!! Geeeezzz...

So you can imagine how excited I was when I found it after all these years of having this nagging feeling of wanting to find out what it was he he he he he...YIIIIHHHHAAAAA!!!!

P.S. Have to remember to ask my Mom later on to find out if I ever had it for myself or if it was someone else's toy he he...


  1. The kaleidescope is beautiful to look at, NO DOUBT. I don't know if you like musicals at all but there's a famous, well-known, bouncy, upBeat, musical that was made a long time ago called
    "OKLAHOMA ! " and the bad guy attaches a weapon to the type of kaleidescope you were talking about ! But his plot was stopped or goes wrong for him and the good guy was unharmed.

  2. I had one too! I was very young so I don't remember it too clearly, but I do remember it feel magical!

  3. I grew up with several. I always enjoyed them too. Simple pleasures of a more simple time.. :D

  4. Loads on eBay if you wanted to buy one!

  5. @ChicagoWing: I'm not familiar with too many musicals, I have to admit he he...

    @The World According to Me+Blur Ting+Mrs. Rainbow: Ah, so you girls had it too back then...yep, simple pleasures of a more simple time indeed. :-D

    THANKS, I bought one already from a Finnish site he he...

  6. I had one too. :-) One of my favourite toys.

  7. @M: It seems there are many people who've played with it hi hi hi...*GLEE* :-D