Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Puzzle #2, Wasp Nest, and Photo Answer

Last night R2 and I did the puzzle again. Well, he did most of it anyway. He even did it upside down!!! I mean I was sitting down on a stool facing the picture, but he was sitting on the opposite side of me, but still he managed to put so many pieces together! Unbelievable! I just suck big time in doing puzzles ha ha ha ha ha...but we had fun anyway.

Here's a pic of the puzzle 5 days ago (mind you, I did all that in a few days!!! It took me at least one or two hours or even more each day). I did all of this on my own, without R2's help:

Last night we did it for about 2 hours and here's the result. R2 did almost all of the rest. I only contributed to probably 15% of it.

What about the wasp nest on the title, you wonder? Well, when R2 was cutting the grass with a lawnmower the other day, he found out that in our little shed outside the garden, there is a wasp nest. Here's a pic of it:

We browsed around to find out the best way to get rid of it (it's about 15 cm tall), but R2 decided to wait until winter comes before we do anything 'coz they're far away from the house and they're not bothering us anyway.

OK, the last set of pics is the one I put on my previous Picture Time post. Here's the pic that I asked you to guess:

Here's the answer. Ta daaaaa....:-D Did any one of you guessed right? HE HE HE...I don't know what it's called in English, but you can hang pots of flowers on those four "circles" by using hooks.


  1. Aje gile itu wasp nestnya gede beeng yack..

    Well done on the puzzle! Such a perseverance! hehehe :)

  2. Good job on the puzzle and I wouldn't touch that nest till winter either.

  3. @Shinta: Yep, it's such a big nest indeed. THANKS for the support! :-D

    @Michelle: THANKS and yeah, it seems better to leave the nest until winter.

  4. I don't know, Amel, wasps get worse in the fall, before they die in the winter. There's spray that you shoot at them from 12 feet (4 or 5 meters away) and destroys the wasps. If you can't find that powerful but safe spray, then wait for the winter.
    I hope you & R2 don't get stung !