Sunday, August 14, 2011

Puzzle Project: Done!

Yep...the puzzle was done already on 7th, but I just haven't been in the mood to blog about it. Asked MIL where she bought the puzzle glue and found out that it's WAY more expensive than the puzzle itself. I bought the puzzle for 6-7 Euros only and you wanna know how much the glue cost? €12.90!!! I know it can be used for 4 puzzles as big as 1,000 pieces each, but then that's quite a lot of money for glue, don't ya think?

Oh well...let me just share some pics then...

First pic: the puzzle, photo taken using flash.

2nd pic: photo taken without flash.

3rd pic: My SUPER HAPPY face, taken after we had just finished the puzzle together hi hi...

I'm telling ya that it's fun for me to make a puzzle together 'coz it means spending quality time with hubby (you see, quality time is my primary love language). I think if I find nice puzzles like this again in the future, I'm gonna buy more (didn't know R2 was into puzzle until I bought this one) HA HA HA HA HA...In the meantime, I have another puzzle in stock already, but maybe we should do it later after our Indo trip hi hi...

Anyway, the below pic was taken 2 weeks ago. HUGE blackcurrants picked from my MIL's garden. I picked about 5 litres of 'em and many of them are MUCH bigger than the ones last year and there were still SO MANY of them left, but I didn't have time to pick more that day.

Side note: I know, I know, my hand is SMALL but still those blackcurrants are HUGE, trust me! :-D

I've been busy browsing for things to do and places to visit in Bangkok and reading about tips on Bangkok. One thing we'd really love to do is go to a spa ha ha ha...Other than that, we don't know yet what we're going to do. R2 says that we don't have to plan everything in advance. So I guess we'll just see what we can do. I just hope our luggage stays intact and they don't come late 'coz I've got already 18 kgs of things and goodies for my family!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And yeah, I haven't even packed any clothes yet, but at least going to a tropical country (or two tropical countries) means that we won't be packing heavy jackets or boots. Besides, we can always buy shorts and T-shirts later on he he...Good thing R2 comes with me this time. Otherwise I wouldn't be able to bring anything much at all ha ha ha...Can't wait!!! Just two more weeks of work and then our holiday starts!!!!!!!! :-D :-D :-D


  1. Hi Amel,

    Do you still have your puzzle together? Believe it or not, I have a bottle of puzzle preserver if you want to use it. :D

  2. Oh wow... that picture used to be my computer desktop! I had it for a years!!

    I'd forgotten... now I must go find it - I want it back!

  3. @Mrs. Rainbow: Ahhhhhh...puzzle preserver? I didn't know that such a thing existed.

    @M: Oh, really? That's interesting he he he...Hope you can find it again then. :-D