Wednesday, August 24, 2011

3BT: Random Days

1. More pronounced autumn colours around me. Such as these:

2. Only a few days to go before our long holiday starts. YEEESSSSSS!!!!

3. A few customers wished me a nice trip and some of them told me that they'd miss me. :-D Bless them! They almost made me wet my eyes at work ha ha...

4. Getting positive feedback from an old lady.

5. A while ago, a different old lady held my hand after our encounter at the till. The deliberate gesture made my heart feel warm. :-D

6. Seeing the little girl's stunned expression when she realized that I was at the store at the time when she and her Dad and little sister came by. She couldn't speak at all for at least 30 seconds after I greeted her. :-D

7. Laughing so much with hubby the other night until we had tears in our eyes. It felt WONDERFUL to laugh like that.

8. Having parents and in-laws (yep, mostly the mothers) who don't try to bend me according to their will nor try to change our decisions. They respect our lives and our decisions and I can't be thankful enough for that.

9. Trying up a new recipe to make buns and adding my own topping out of whim and turned out they were the MOST delicious buns I had ever made in my entire life!!!

10. Eating the hot buns with such pleasure that I had to stop myself to eat more than one at a time ha ha...Note: I put the dough in sauna after we had sauna 'coz it used yeast and it rose so well. Next time I make something like that with yeast again, I should do it after our sauna eve. :-D

11. Listening to some customers joke with one another. :-D

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