Sunday, December 18, 2011

Online Social Media + Snowman

Yesterday I was reading posts about online social media, particularly F-b.ook. I must say that I have a love-and-hate relationship with it. There were times when I was thinking of quitting it completely, but it's hard nowadays 'coz I've got a mixture of people in my list already and now I've joined an online Finnish group where I can ask anything to the teacher and get to know other people who are learning Finnish from around the world.

Besides that, it's a really good place to get in touch with old school friends and nowadays my closest friends use it to put their travel pictures and other pictures as well - it's easier sharing pictures that way compared to sending them via emails 'coz some of us live in a place where the internet connection isn't so reliable and fast. It's also a good place to try and sell things to your friends and to ask for opinions on something (provided that your friends are active).

But other than the good sides, sometimes I feel that browsing through F-b.ook is like being a Peeping Tom. There are some people who share too much and sometimes when you least expect it, you get to read those things and it feels as if you were suddenly transported into the person's underwear closet and you're shown all the kinds of "dirty laundry" that you don't even wish to see.

Of course you can hide that person's newsfeed once you find out that the person loves sharing too much info, but then again there are still so many other complications that can occur by spending time in online social medias, such as being unfriended by someone or unfriending someone, the urge to ask the person what you did wrong after being unfriended, the lingering question whether you should explain to the person you're going to unfriend why you want to do that, the temptation to "peek into" other people's lives, the thin line between sharing and showing off, etc. etc. etc.

Anyway, enough about this...the other day I made another snowman 'coz the temperature was 0'C and the snow was wet enough to make one. The pictures were taken at around 3.30 pm.

First pic: taken with a flash.

2nd pic: Taken without flash.

3rd pic: Taken without flash from a different angle.


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  2. Hehehehe your snowman's so cute!!!

    Agree with you re. social media. I've been back and forth when it comes to deleting or keeping it.

    And yes! When people share too much, that's just ... ARGGGHH ... espeically once they start bad-mouthing their spouse. That always gets me all riled up. So rude and inappropriate!

  3. @Shinta: Good thing only once I accidentally read someone being angry at the wife. Not detailing the problem, though, but I thought it was really wrong to do that.

    Glad you love my snowman he wasn't easy to stick those branches on it.

  4. Here... I am not letting you look in my knicker drawer! Hahahaha! :D

  5. oh my... I feel EXACTLY the same about Facebook!

  6. @Mrs. Rainbow: Are you sure about that? ROFL ROFL...

    @Michelle:'s like opening Pandora's box he he...