Monday, December 05, 2011

What A Luxury!

Spent the night at MIL's house 'coz R2 had to go to Rovaniemi for 2 days, so after work on Saturday I went straight there. We played cards, had sauna, and we had some serious talk as well about different topics.

All of a sudden she started talking about the past and FIL then started crying. And she made my eyes wet as well. After spending so much time taking care of the kids, farm, cows, her own mother and then her own in-laws, she had wanted to enjoy the rest of her life with her hubby.

Now that my FIL has been taken to an old people's house, she can't even enjoy that luxury anymore. Not that she doesn't want to. She said that she was still thinking if she could still take him back home, but she can't do it on her own and she can't afford having someone to live with them to help her take care of him.
You see, the other week she visited FIL and then FIL said that he felt like he was nothing, a nobody. I almost wished that he would lose more consciousness so that he wouldn't think about anything like this anymore, you know? But then I wonder if that's such a great wish...sigh...

Anyway, the other week MIL sprained her arm and then last week she sprained her leg and she realized that she had to accept reality. Due to the arm and leg sprains, she hadn't been out for a few days and when we visited FIL yesterday (together with R2), the nurse said that he had eaten very little that day. Both the nurse and MIL were wondering if he didn't want to eat properly 'coz of longing. MIL brought some bread and homemade salted salmon filet, bananas, and also yoghurt and so we waited for FIL to eat them all (he could still hold bread and bananas himself, but MIL fed him the yoghurt). And he did eat them all with gusto, I must say.

Then MIL told FIL that she had to go for almost a week to Rovaniemi 'coz they have this program for the elderly that offers exercise program and it's good for her to be able to join this kind of activity. And after FIL heard that, his eyes became wet and I almost wanted to cry...I left the room to give MIL and FIL some time for themselves and R2 also left the room, as well. It was just heartbreaking...
Wish I could do more for MIL and FIL, but there's only so much one person can do...

Sniff, sniff...anyway, last night when we went back home, it hit me with a different force than before how luxurious it is for me and R2 to be able to live together under the same roof, to be able to give and take, to be able to enjoy life together. How much we take for granted the life that we have together, every single day...each breath we take, each step we in, day precious those moments much more I should cherish these moments while they last...

This is the promise I hold dear...


  1. That made me want to cry too.

    Wish I could send a miracle to your FIL and MIL.

    Love and prayers

    and yes, we forget our blessings so easy, don't we?

    Oh and wanted to add that the people in the photo I used for my blog banner are my in-laws. ;-) Hubbby's brother in the dark jacket with their sister in pink to his right. Her partner sideways on right, also in dark jacket. We were waiting for them to say goodbye, we were all out having cake and coffee/tea at this lovely shop. Expensive shop, but pretty to walk through. ;-D

  2. I think they're lucky to have a DIL who cares about them, and I'm sure they both know it. That's the best gift you can give them at hard times like this, when not much else can be done to change circumstances. My best wishes to them and to you.

  3. This post makes my eyes wet as well! *sighhh* Oh I wish I could give you all a huge hug! We are still praying for you.

    You are right. What a blessing it is to be able to live under the same roof with hubby. Thanks for the reminder.

  4. Yes, this post is so sad. Why do people have to grow old and weak! I am so dreadful the day will come for my parents too.

    We really should cherish what we have while we can.

  5. @M: THANKSSSS for the prayers. :-) And also for explaining to me about your header. I had to go back and look them up again he he he...

    @Elena: THANKS, Elena. :-)

    @Shinta: THANKS for the prayers!!! It's really sad sometimes...some parts of life...but anyhow...

    @Ting: I know what you mean...I hope your parents won't have to go through what my MIL and FIL went through!!!