Monday, December 12, 2011

Dad's Past

Dad never finished education at the university. He's the second child out of six and he had to quit studying at the uni to help out feed the family. My grandpa's business collapsed and then he died and my grandma couldn't do anything much with the family's finance. Out of the six children, only the youngest one finished his education at the university.

For years Dad worked as a bookkeeper in a bread company and then he moved to a private-owned business. After years of earning his bread there, he quit (I don't remember anymore why, but I guess the situation got bad enough for him to want to quit) and the boss' wife told him, "You're not going to be a successful man. You're too honest."

Dad got so pumped up hearing that. From that day on, he worked as best as he could and still kept his honesty and integrity intact. What is success anyway? For me, my Dad IS a successful man because he's kept his honesty and integrity intact wherever he works. He's managed to send two children off to the university without tricking anybody out to get "rich". He's always so careful with money and budgeting, so he never got us in trouble with any of his decisions.

Here I am now, thinking that it's such a shame that in this world, there're people who think that being honest in one's dealings means that one will never be successful.


  1. You are lucky to know and have your father very well. I am never know my father. He is never remember of me or my birthday :((

  2. @Juliana: HUGE HUGS!!! Yeah, I remember your story, Jul. SO SORRY about this. Life is unfair sometimes...

  3. YAY to your dad! We need more people like him in this world :D

  4. Can't think of anything right to say.

    I read this last week and was going to say that your vdad sounds like mine, and like the man I'm married to.

    Now I want to add something comforting, but can't think of a thing!

  5. @Shinta: Yep, his legacy lives on. :-D

    @Michelle: So he's like your Dad and your hubby? GREAT!!! :-D

  6. Oh, M, don't worry, what you saw in your dream was enough comfort for me. :-D I felt the hug straight through my soul.