Friday, June 21, 2013

"Spoiled Brats"

In the beginning hubby was so independent...After all, he had lived on his own for over a decade prior to our living together in 2008. I still remember clearly the look on his face when I tried to serve him some food on the dinner table in the beginning of our life together*. It was the kind of look that said, "What are you doing? I can do it on my own. You don't have to do it for me."

* I had nothing much to do at that time, you know - no Finnish course yet nor anything much, so I got bored a lot and had plenty of time to cook and tried out new recipes and I couldn't wait for hubby to come back home every workday, so serving him food brought me pleasure 'coz it meant I had something to do - but I don't necessarily serve him food anymore these days, though sometimes I do fill up his mug with milk every now and then. :-D

Slowly but surely, though, he got used to being pampered. We both enjoy feeding each other food or snacks every now and then and after a while he doesn't hesitate to give me his best Puss-in-Boots look when he asks me to do something for him, for example sometimes he asks me to bring him some more drink while he's gaming online. :-D

When I confronted him about it one time (by reminding him how "independent" he was in the beginning of our life together), he said, "Well, you're the one who spoils me." LOL!!! 

Well, that's true he he he...:-D I enjoy feeding him fruits while he's busy gaming, for example and sometimes I'd even try to fly the pieces of fruits around his face as if I were playing with a small child (to which he'd shake his head in disbelief) hi hi hi hi...but I'm glad that he doesn't mind being fed like that. :-D But then again I'm also sometimes spoiled by him, so it goes both ways (feels as good as what the kitty is feeling in the pic below). :-D All I know is that it feels good to be able to "spoil" someone and to be "spoiled" by someone. :-D We're not exactly brats, though. I promise! *wink*


  1. Independent is good :D Some of men in our country like that we serve them isn't it. Ah pake bhs Indo aja d, biar cepet ngetiknya hi hi hi... Aku inget, ex collega aku (cowok) kaget pas aku bilang kl Raymond gantiin popok juga plus cuci piring. Pokoknya kerjaan rmh tangga mau bantuin d... Dia bilang, dia jd malu soalnya kagak pernah :D

    1. He he he...emang budaya di sini ama Bld beda yah ama di Indo. Tapi bagus juga temen kerja kamu berasa malu setelah denger cerita Ray HA HA HA...