Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Suspect: Pollen Problem

Before I continue writing about my parents, I just wanna share this revelation!!!!!! I've lived in Sodankylä for a little over 6 years, but only this year I've started developing ear problems (ear pressure). In the beginning I was worried that it could be caused by something serious after I had been browsing online (especially because it occurred after my BPPV symptoms), but nowadays I suspect that the cause is pollen problem

You see, the first time I felt that the ear pressure was related to sinusitis was because during my BPPV attack, I had trouble breathing (my nose felt blocked). I got back up, browsed online, felt that the area around my eyes were tender if I pressed them and found out that it could be sinusitis. Then I remembered that R2 had bought himself a nose spray to help him with his runny nose a few weeks before. So I used the nose spray and in an instant I felt relief! 

Afterwards I started feeling ear pressure for weeks...it was torture! At some point my ears became so sensitive that they couldn't handle any loud noises and I even felt some distortion in my hearing ability (which was more pronounced when I was listening to songs in my youtube song list using a headset). During our holiday to Kuusamo, though, the ear pressure was gone right away, but when we got back home, it started again. On and off. Last week it happened again and it got bad enough that I decided to use R2's nose spray again to test it out. Within half an hour the ear pressure was gone!!! 

Then I started browsing online again for a more natural type of relief, because I don't want to keep putting chemicals into my body by using the nose spray (and lots of sites warn me that it can be addictive) and I found a saline nose spray and Neti pot. I went to the pharmacy and tried out the saline nose spray first, 'coz I wasn't sure about how effective it would be. 

Today I went to the supermarket to buy some grocery and then I went to clean our veranda which was COVERED by a thin layer of yellowish pollen. It was seriously like a blanket covering everything and right after that, my ear pressure started again. It was like someone was playing "drums" inside my ears and it wasn't the best kind of feeling EVER. I hurriedly used the saline nose spray three times within half an hour and voila! Now the ear pressure is 95% gone!!!!

I think I'm gonna go and get the Neti pot soon because in the long run it's cheaper to use than the saline nose spray. Phew!!! I'm sure glad that it isn't anything more serious, you know?  


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