Monday, June 03, 2013

3BT: Random Days

1. Didn't need to worry about the funeral bouquet after all. Showed them to MIL including the note that we'd write down on the card and she approved them both. She even choked a little when reading the note, so today I ordered it and turned out I only had to pay after the funeral. Ha! 

2. Amazingly HOT HOT HOT days for the past week. It's unbelievable it can be this hot this long at the end of May already. I'm sure it's an exception and it won't happen often, but I'm enjoying it.

3. Riding my bike at full speed and sweating so much even though I only put on a tank top and shorts. YIIIHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!

4. The portable air cooler that we bought last year proved to be even more useful this year for our upstairs bedroom. :-D

5. Rain!!!! After such hot days the rain comes down to quench the trees and grass in our yard - free water YEEEEEEEEEESSS!!!! :-D

6. Excited about going back to work tomorrow with a little hint of nervousness 'coz I hope I remember everything I need to remember hi hi...the brain always works a little more slowly at work when it's just got back from holiday LOL!!!

7. Found cheap black shoes for the funeral (all of my black shoes are winter boots and all of my summer shoes are sneakers!) as well as a cheap black bolero at to accompany my black dress. :-D Now I'm all ready for the funeral! 

8. Thankfully we brought R2's wedding outfit here along with the black shoes, so he doesn't have to buy anything for the funeral.

9. After talking to someone, I realize even more than before that I've met so many nice, supportive people here in Sodankyl√§ and again I'm SO THANKFUL for them and their support.  

10. Skipping lunch and eating ice-cream instead he he he he he he he hehhh...

11. Making watermelon, banana, grape, and blueberry juice. Yummy! :-D


  1. what is the average temperature during summer in Finland?
    do you have many days when it's over 25 degrees, 30 degrees? (I assume you don't use Fahrenheit but celsius/centigrade)
    Here, it's been cool and very wet this spring. The weatherman said it made the top 10 wettest springs every

    1.'s hard to say the average, but normally it's considered a "good summer" if the daytime temperature goes up to 25-30'C for a week within a year. Usually the hottest days are in July/August, but now it's barely June and it's already so hot for a week already (daytime temp. above 25'C), so it's amazing really.

  2. Glad the flowers and card were approved okay.
    Love the sound of your refreshing juice.

    1. Yep, I was relieved as well! :-D

      The juice is really refreshing and easy to make. :-D