Friday, June 07, 2013

Rome Video Clips

Last night I've finally finished compiling 4 short video clips of the Vatican City. I didn't have too much time to take the videos, so sorry if it's a bit "dizzying" in some parts ha ha...this is also the first time I've ever compiled videos using youtube editor, so it's kinda interesting to try that out. I didn't write down too many notes 'coz I just want to show you how it's like over there. For further info you can read about the Vatican City here.

This second video clip was taken from inside the Colosseum.  

The third one was taken from one of the corners of the Colosseum, where we could look outside of the Colosseum. The arch is called the Arch of Constantine and the hill is called Palatine Hill.


  1. Good idea with the clips, thaks for sharing.
    I'll take a look tonight as I'm in the office at the mo (must do some work now!)