Thursday, June 27, 2013

3BT: Random Days

1. Hubby managed to make me laugh again with his antics.

Me: "Have you always been this crazy?"
R2: "Nope. It started after we met."
Me: "Is that supposed to flatter me?"
R2: "Maybe." (grin) 

2. Spending Midsummer holiday in Keluj√§rvi, watching the leaves sway in the wind, sitting down on the front porch stairs with hubby and family. Hubby sat behind me, I leaned back and watched the clouds roll by above me. Such bliss! 

3. Inner peace

4. Watching this cute video clip

5. Watching these AMAZING pictures. (My fave is the fourth one, the grinning seal - it looks SO VERY HAPPY LOL!!!

6. Finding this old song by chance: 


  1. the owl video is indeed cute. looks enjoy the "massage" :D

  2. Here's to inner peace and watching the clouds float by.