Sunday, October 27, 2013

3BT: Random Days

1. Me: "How much do you love me?"
Hubby: "Too much."
Me: HUGE SMILE + HEART melting. :-D

2. Winter Wonderland is finally here, though that doesn't mean that the snow won't melt and refreeze, but at least I've been enjoying the view so much because of all the white snow. :-D

3. An old customer (a retired guy) said, "If only I still had my own business, I'd hire you right away." This sentence made me thank him, laugh, and it also made the customer behind him smile (which made me smile even wider). BLESS HIM!!! :-D

4. About a month ago I was tempted to buy this cute little jacket for my brother's second son, but even after the discount I still thought it was a bit too expensive. Last week the shop put up a sign saying that they had put bigger discounts on them, so I went in there to check it out and they still had two of the jackets that I was interested in buying and guess what? It was only one third of the price that I saw, so I grabbed it right away and paid for it. YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYY!!! :-D SO HAPPY to find superb bargains! :-D

5. It snowed for hours on end on Friday and here are two pictures I took. The second picture was taken two hours later.

6. Today the temperature was 1'C and it had been snowing again during the morning, so I went out to clean up the snow and hubby helped, so I went to make this happy-go-lucky snowman he he...:-D "Oh, what fun it was to make this snowman in the yaaarrrrddd!" LOL LOL!!!


  1. can't believe... you have snow!
    We had for the last few days sun & 20 C!

    1. HE HE HE...over here usually the first snow comes in October and the last bits melt away in May. 20'C? Boy, that's HOT! :-D Enjoy the sun!