Saturday, October 12, 2013

Cabin Trip: Rainbow, Crecent, Gorgeous Sunset

I haven't been blogging here 'coz I've been busy with work and I haven't really got any inspiration to write ha ha...yesterday we were planning to go to the cabin but I wasn't too sure if we were going or not 'coz it depended on whether or not R2 had to work late. Thankfully he didn't have to stay too long at work he we went shopping for food and drinks first before we went there. It was raining when we arrived at around 4 pm, but we got to enjoy a rainbow!!! WOOOHOOOOOOO!!!! The temperature was around 5'C at that time. 

Here are two rainbow pics (I wanted to take a video but it was raining pretty hard at that time so my lens got wet):

Luckily about an hour later, the dark clouds went away and I saw a lovely crescent in the sky. I took some pics as the sun was setting, but the sky became even more gorgeous after the sun had gone below the horizon. Pink, orange...that was just SO breathtaking. And it wasn't too cold to stay outside to enjoy all of it he he he...I ran back inside to get my camera and take a short video clip 'coz there's no way a photo can capture the beauty of it all. 

Here's the crescent photo:

Sunset photo:

Gorgeous flaming sky photo:

Gorgeous sky video clip: 

We really enjoyed our cabin trip this time 'coz we got to be there early, so we had plenty of time to do anything. We warmed up the sauna, listened to the radio, laughed together, and just enjoyed being surrounded by nature. I even saw a few swans far far away from me, but my camera couldn't capture them clearly 'coz they were just too far away. How I wished I had a crazy zoom for my camera ha ha ha ha...but anyway, we were treated with so many beautiful views already, so no complaints there! LOL!!!

Here's one photo of the swans far awayyyyyyy from me:


  1. lovely photos!

    enjoy the weekend.

  2. Wow...what a excelent photos of the rainbow, Amel. I don't do much post either on my personal blog. Just tired working hard on my online stores for upcoming holidays seasons :D Lucky me, Matthew is go to school 4 times a week BUT he doesn't take a nap anymore. So... actually not much different for my free times :D But at least I do have few hours for work.

    1. Oh, Matthew has stopped taking a nap, eh? Yeah, it's natural that you're so busy these days with the upcoming holiday seasons. :-) GOOD LUCK in selling!

    2. Iya, Matthew sdh tdk bobo siang lagi. Kl ditidurin, malah tidur malamnya rewel. So... aku biarin aja d. Tapi harus keep him busy with playing. Kadang kl mau makan malam suka rewel :(( Jam 6 sore sdh KO.

  3. Sounds like you had a lovely time. I love the rainbow pictures, there's something special about a rainbow.

  4. Lovely pics! The flaming sky reminds me of Serukam sky in late afternoons :)