Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Childhood Memories: French Baguette

One of the memorable treats that we got when we were children was the long French baguettes. At that period of life in my hometown, it was quite a rarity. At that time kids were still playing folk games with their friends and computers were unheard of. Plenty of my neighbours didn't have any fridge yet. There were no big malls, just small private owned stores selling daily needs and snacks and goodies. It was a very different period of life.
At that time there was this HUGE supermarket in Dago Street catering to expats and rich people in Bandung. Well, the place looked especially huge for small children with short legs, though if I compare them to the huge malls all over that city nowadays, it's not that huge after all. 

Anyway, this particular supermarket sold plenty of exquisite goods at a rather high price and at the back of it there was a bakery. The bakery sold lots of things, but we only went there to buy French baguettes and some ham or sausage. The ham and sausage were so delicious when eaten with the freshly baked baguette, but we knew they cost a lot of money, so it was a rare treat and we enjoyed every bite of it. :-D

Until now I still remember clearly coming home on a motorcycle behind Dad while holding the French baguette in my hand tightly while the neighbours' children looked at the long bread in awe, because it wasn't something that you could find everywhere. I remember feeling as though I was holding a Light Sabre in my hand HA HA HA HA...I don't know if the supermarket is still there now or not. The last time I was there years and years ago, I think the supermarket chain has changed owner or something (my memory is getting blurry), but don't know what happens to it now. 

Do you have any special childhood treat that you remember fondly? 


  1. Freshly baked baguette, lovely treat and memory. I often smile when I buy sliced bread as my mum sent my brother and I to the shops once for bread, but I kept swinging the bag around and eventually it split and all the bread fell on the pavement. I thought my mum would kill me, so I stuffed it back in the split bag, panicking, thinking she wouldn't notice! My brother was killing himself laughing. I guess it was a stupid thing to do, she realised what I'd done as it was all such a mess, and rather dirty! Funny how some things stick in your mind! And she didn't kill me, it was an accident after all.

    1. Nikki, THANKS for sharing your story. :-) You're right. It's funny how some things just stick in our minds. :-) What a sweet memory! :-)