Monday, October 06, 2014

Autumn Photos

Before I continue sharing some stories of our Indo/Singapore trip, let me share some autumn photos instead. Catching the flu has thrown me off the blogging saddle, especially because I had to work right after I got better. And as you probably know, once you stop writing for a while, it takes time to get back to the rhythm again. Just like exercise. I managed to exercise once last week and today I decided to go for a walk (also to take some photos).

Went to the cemetery to visit FIL's grave and light some candles as well as to see the gravestone that had just been delivered. Saw two squirrels there in the cemetery area and managed to see some birds on the way back.

Enjoy the photos! 

Someone was just buried recently...

And this is a really beautifully-kept grave, don't you think?

One of the candles I lit in front of FIL's grave.

The last photo is the one I tinkered using mirror effect, so it's not an original photo at all, but for some reason I feel the result is amusing ha ha...


  1. What lovely autumn colours you've captured.
    Yes the tinkering does look amusing!