Friday, October 24, 2014

3BT: Random Days

1. An opportunity to give back and share what I know. 

2. Looking at childhood photos and reminiscing past events, evoking different feelings.

3. The new fluffy and very warm blanket, making me reluctant to get up from bed LOL!

4. Taking these photos:

5. We have so many DVDs to watch. So exciting and difficult to pick which one to watch first ha ha ha...

6. Finally having a lighter week to rest and recharge after a crazy long week at work that I'll never want to do again.


  1. Beautiful photos, Amel. Is there already cold? In here, not too cold yet. Just too much raining but the temperature still high for October.

    1. Not too cold yet, Jul. Usually the coldest month is Jan or Feb, although the other day it got down to -15'C, but today it's awfully warm. 4'C.