Wednesday, October 08, 2014

Sgp Trip: BreakOut Escape Game + Alive Museum + Spa

Okay, let me now continue sharing about our Singapore trip. A few days prior to our trip, I booked two tickets for Alive Museum at Suntec City Mall because they were offering a discount. The original price was 25 SGD/person, but I paid 20 SGD/person. 

Here's the link to the museum: Alive Museum

There's a similar 3D Museum in Sentosa Island, but I figured going to one would be enough. At least in the website it was stated that it'd take approximately 1,5 hours, so we wanted to use the rest of our time to do other things.

Here are some fun photos that we took. Unfortunately it was a bit dark inside at some parts, but you get the idea. Thankfully the place was rather empty, so we could take time posing and laughing he he...

The last day in Singapore, we didn't know what else to do before our evening massage session, but the night before, I browsed through tripadvisor to find out what kind of activities we could do and this BreakOut Escape Game was listed as number two, so I booked a spot online (didn't have to use credit card to book, only an email address). As was stated in tripadvisor, it was a little tough to find the place, but at least there were some information desks in Chinatown, so we kept asking for direction until we found the place. The price per person was 22 SGD for the weekend. 

When we arrived there, we were given some locks and puzzles to solve and one of them was a kind of Rubik's cube, though it was in a different form. Hubby tried it and he solved it in no time. The game master told us that he tried it for 5 minutes and then gave up. He also added that hubby was the fourth person who managed to solve it since January (when they started opening up the place).

Here's the link to the site: BreakOut Escape Game

Here's the bus stop right in front of the place (the place is located on the second floor). 

Here's a photo of us after we failed to escape LOL LOL!!!!

Yep, unfortunately we failed. We chose the "Forever Young" scenario (go to the site to read the intro). Basically speaking we had to enter a room where we had to find clues and solve the puzzles to find the key that enabled us to get out of the place, but we ran out of time already, even though we did ask the game master for some clues during that time (there was no limit, we just needed to press the button to get clues from the game master). There was also a spare key hidden in the room in case someone had a panic attack or something like that, so they could grab the key and use it to get out of the room. 

What we loved about it was that at the end of the game, the game master asked us if we wanted him to show us how to escape or not (if we wanted to try again, we'd get a discount). Because we lived too far away, we opted to be shown how to solve the whole thing. It was really done in a clever way, I must say, but I can't say anything much here because I don't want to ruin the fun for anyone who wants to try it out he he he he he...but I think it was worth trying, though I feel that it'd be more fun to do it with more people. After all, the suggested number of players is 4-8. All in all, it's highly recommended and I'd love to try this kind of game again next time, because next time we'll know better ha ha ha...

By the way, before I forgot, we had a massage session at the spa near our hotel. I recommend the spa because the massage was great PLUS they forbid any kind of illegal offers (no triple price offers), so we felt safe and secure. I booked the session the day before for the both of us. They had a couple's room and I spent about 43 Euros per person for a 1,5-hour massage.

It's called Tang Dynasty Massage & Spa.


  1. I've got to admit, the Alive Museum is my kind of place. Your pictures are amazing, it looks like so much fun! Did you spend ages figuring how to pose or just go for it?

    1. Actually for each pose, they have attached a photo where you can see what you can do with it and in many of them, they've also added a sticker so you know where you have to stand as well as from which angle you have to take the photo in order to take the best photos. So they've made it easy for anyone. :-)

    2. Oh yeah, if you notice, in the photo of R2 with the giraffe, he wasn't actually sitting down at all. The bench was a painting he he he...

  2. I got it, yeah that would have made it easier and assured you got a good pic.
    I never would have guessed the bench wasn't actually there!

    1. I thought that you had no idea about the bench, because when I posted the photo in my FB and added that I had to take the photo quickly so that R2 wouldn't experience any cramps on his legs, some of them commented that they had no idea that the bench was a painting he he...:-)