Wednesday, October 15, 2014

End of Autumn Photos

I'm really swamped with work at the moment, so I'll just share some end of autumn photo that I took when I went for a walk along the riverbank last week. Now winter seems to have come, especially because the temperature has been below 0'C during the past couple of days. It was even -8'C when I woke up this morning. There's a light dusting of snow and frost on the ground now, but here are some photos before the temperature got below 0'C. I was lucky enough to see these mirror effects on the river. Very peaceful! As usual, click to see bigger views (as you can see, it was quite cloudy). Enjoy!



  1. I know what you mean being swamped with work. I have changed my blog of back to being a regular blog. Hope you enjoy new post.
    Nice pictures, lots of water. I would think it would be tough to get around, but maybe I'm wrong.

  2. Stunning pictures. I love reflection pictures.