Saturday, October 11, 2014

Sgp Trip: Sgp Flyer + Gardens by the Bay

Before going to Singapore, I also booked Singapore Flyer tickets online through the website. Because there was F1 race that weekend, apparently only those who had a pass to watch the F1 race could go up on the Singapore Flyer on Friday, Sat, and Sunday. That was why I decided to book the tickets for Thursday. I figured that hubby would be able to see some parts of the F1 race track from the Singapore Flyer cabin. 

I got 10% discount by buying the tickets online (only had to print out the tickets and bring them with us and exchange them with the real tickets at the entrance). The price after discount was 29,70 SGD/person. There was also an option to dine out inside one of the cabins, but I didn't want to spend too much time there because we still had places to see/visit.

Anyway, here's the Singapore Flyer link.

It was a bit tricky to find the place because that day they had started blocking the roads in preparation for Friday's F1 race. However, that was also interesting because we could still walk across parts of the track and see what they were doing he he he he...What I loved about the Singapore Flyer experience was that the cabin was big and it has air conditioner and they didn't make us wait for many people to jam into the cabin, so we only shared the cabin with two other people. It was nice being able to walk around the cabin to see different views and take photos from different angles.

Here are some photos taken from inside the Singapore Flyer. You can see part of the race track as well as the F1 stand. Notice some chairs and table in the cabin below us? That's the dining cabin.

Notice the two domes at the far back? The taller one is the Cloud Forest Dome, whereas the shorter one is the Flower Dome. We were planning to visit that place next. 

We walked across the Helix Bridge towards Marina Bay Sands. Here's a photo of the Marina Bay Sands Hotel (the one with the boat-like shape on top) and on the left you can see the Helix Bridge.

We found a lift towards Gardens by the Bay, which actually overlooked the Marina Bay Sands Hotel. Here is one photo taken from that bridge (when we were still inside the building).

Now here are some outside views from the bridge towards Gardens by the Bay. Before finding the ticket booth, we had to walk past lots and lots of different themed gardens, like the Chinese garden, the Malay garden, etc. However, we didn't really stop to take a look at them because I knew it would too much time. 

In the pic below, you can see that we were walking along the outer bridge from Marina Bay Sands Hotel (the building on the left) and there's the Singapore Flyer on the far right. 

We hadn't bought any tickets yet because we weren't sure how many places we wanted to visit (at first I was thinking of only visiting one of the two domes), but when we got to the ticket booth, we found out that we could buy tickets to two conservatories for 28 SGD/adult, so we chose to buy them (there wasn't a long queue at the ticket booth). First we visited the Flower Dome and then the Cloud Forest Dome. It was worth the money! I'm really impressed at how well they designed both places. But best of all, inside both of the domes was cool! After walking around in the heat, it was lovely to be able to enjoy the beauty of the plants/flowers without having to sweat ha ha ha...

Click here to find out more info on Gardens by the Bay.

Here are some photos from the Flower Dome.

Here are some photos from the Cloud Forest Dome.

We went up to the fifth floor and walk along the walkway. I felt kinda woozy when walking along on the side of the walkway because you could see what was below and it kinda wobbled if many people walked on it at the same time, so I tried sticking to the middle part because it felt more steady walking there ha ha ha...

Here's a view from the fifth floor walkway...and notice that in this photo it looks like hubby was photobombing the almost-kissing couple HA HA HA HA HA HA...

Then we went down to the third floor and went back down to go out. The photo below shows the walkway on the fifth floor above hubby.

Funny thing was that when we had finished the tour in the Flower Dome, we entered the souvenir shop (the souvenir shop is in the middle of the Flower Dome and Cloud Forest Dome exits), a girl chased me because she wanted us to buy the photo(s) that they had taken of us. When we first entered the Flower Dome, a photographer took a photo of us (just like what happened before we entered the Singapore Flyer cabin), but I managed to say to her, "Ah, we're going to visit the Cloud Forest Dome first."

The truth is, I didn't want to shell out more money to buy photos like that because I had bought some photos of us from the Singapore Flyer souvenir shop already. I chose 4 wallet photos of us (we could choose 2 different backgrounds) and it cost 30 SGD. Good thing she didn't chase us again after we got out of the Cloud Forest Dome HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA...


  1. I love all your photos, Amel. You must be happy visiting all those places. We never visit Singapore before, I hope we could go there too someday when we visit Jakarta.

    1. Yes, it's a good place to visit with the kids. Hope someday you and your kids can have lots of fun there. They're always building new tourist attractions, so I bet in the future there will be many more new ones!

  2. Wow. I can't stop looking at your photographs. What a stunning and interesting post. Thanks for sharing.