Friday, October 26, 2007

I'm Thai Food!!!

Since Crystal is Chinese food, I'm curious about my result. Here makes me wanna LAUGH HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA...

You Are Thai Food

Trendy yet complex.

People seek you out - though they're not sure why.


  1. Stacy: That's GREAT!!! ;-D Post it in your blog. I wanna read what it said he he...

  2. Hey Amel...

    Thanks for telling me. You know I like to try such things right?

    Can you guess what would I be?

    I go try now.. Results coming soon.

  3. Hi, Karen!

    Yup, I know you like such quizzes he he...What RU gonna be? Hmmm...It's too hard to guess 'coz I don't know what else they have in store as results. I'll just go and read your result hi hi hi...

  4. Haha ...

    I am Italian!! Check out Life Prisms!!

  5. Hi again, Karen!


    So it seems there are no same ones yet he he he...SPLENDID!!!

  6. Amel,
    I' m afraid to try it.I love all kinds of food and will eat anything!!

  7. Hi, Frasy!

    HE HE HE HE HE...No worries, then! :-D

  8. Ohhh... any food is good right now. I'm soooooooooo hungry!

  9. I did the quiz too! I'm Mexican food! :P

  10. Mother Hen: HA HA HA HA...Oh dear! Hope you get to eat delicious food then! ;-D

    Ratu Syura: Welcome to my blog and THX for sharing your result. So there are SO many different food! ;-D GREAT! ;-D

  11. Hello amel!!

    I had a go at this quiz , and I am French food:

    "Snobby yet ubiquitous.
    People act like they understand you more than they actually do. "

    Not sure about the snobby bit, but the rest is pretty much spot on, to be honest!

    I must say that being compared to Frog's Legs, Snails and various wild domestic animals is not too flattering. Hey, but it could be worse!!

    Hope you are well.


  12. Hi, Matt!

    Yes, I'm pretty well, thanks. ;-D THANKS for sharing your result! Interesting!!! ;-D

    So up to now there's still no one with the same result. WOW!!!

  13. I'm Mexican food, spicy but dependable :-)

  14. Hi, Fish!

    Spicy but dependable? Sounds GOOD to me!!!! ;-D

  15. I’m Mexican food:

    "Spicy yet dependable.
    You pull punches, but people still love you."

    I like Mexican food but I think I protest the results…

    Although spicy yet dependable is probably quite accurate the next part “You pull punches” is not going to do my blog any good with enticing people to come by!!!!

    Of course it is true that “people still love” me…

    I wonder what would have happened if I didn’t pick sushi?

  16. Hi, LS!

    Yeah, the "pull punches" part really doesn't suit you.

    But don't worry, we still love you anyway indeed he he he...

    So you picked sushi, eh? Now I know you like itttt he he he he...

    THX for sharing! ;-D

  17. Hi! I found you from reading Victorya Chase... Oh how I LOVE Finland! Went there for a year (to Jyvaskyla) and had the time of my life... nearly married a Finn just so I could stay, but alas, came home after all...

    Lucky, lucky you!


  18. Hey, Amel!! Thai Food!!! He he he...I think I love Chinese Food better...ha ha ha ha ha...but I like your description, though. ;D

  19. Amel.. I am confused to choose spring rolls or garlic bread.. hehehe..and also hard to decide whether I love big mansion near the beach or modern house in the rainforest! so my result is either thai food or italian! hahaha...

  20. I've not done the quiz. Personally I quite like japanese food & the ambience of the restaurants :)

    Janice Ng

  21. Quacks like a Duck: THANKS for dropping by and leaving a comment. ;-D

    You loved Finland? Awww...too bad that you couldn't stay here. Maybe someday then? ;-D

    Choc Mint Girl: He he he...Yeah, I also like Chinese food better than Thai food, I think...'coz I'm more used to eating Chinese food he he...

    Trinity: HA HA HA...Confusing, eh? So you're either Thai or Italian? COOL!!! ;-D

    Janice: Hi, Janice!!! Japanese resto, eh? I think the result has nothing to do with what we like eating. :-)))) Yes, I also like eating Japanese food. In Indo I used to go to Japanese resto a lot with my friends...but not the kind that serves sushi he he he...but other types of Japanese food: like Teriyaki, Yakiniku, etc. :-))))