Saturday, October 20, 2007

Snow, Videos, More Old Pics

Hi, everybody!

As you all know, it snowed already yesterday but today the temperature's up again so it doesn't last. The day started sunny at 1'C but then it started snowing at around 3 or 4 pm. It was only -0.5'C but it was snowing pretty thickly until late evening when we left my in-laws' place.

This post's especially for Janice he he he...The first two videos I took in April. The third and fourth one I took yesterday. I managed to take some birdie pics, as well. Here goes:

And here are a set of old pics.

First set of pics were taken in Helsinki during my first trip to Finland in 2004.

The above pic is Esplanade Park in downtown Helsinki. The below pic is another view of the park. I was with a friend and another friend's mother (the one who took the pic).

The big yellow building in the below pic is a cafe. I went there twice. It was a pretty cozy place. ;-D

Next pic is the biggest church in Helsinki. It's a Lutheran church.

Next one: a pic of an old restaurant in Helsinki.

OK, now let's move on to Ice Castle in Kemi and some more snow pics...

The next pic is a replica of one of the hotel rooms in Kemi. Yes, they do have an ice hotel in Kemi and the restaurant tables and benches are made of ice. Of course they're covered by warm fur he he he...Just click on the above link to get more info about this.

Next pic: the long pathway before getting to the entrance of the Ice Castle. Snow started falling as we were leaving the place. Quite a romantic pic IMO! ;-D

Next set of pics were taken in Rovaniemi when I visited Santa Claus Village. Rovaniemi's located on the Arctic Circle line, so the next pic shows the distances from Rovaniemi to other big cities in the world. ;-D

For some reason I LOVE the next pic so much. I think I took this pic near Santa Claus Village.

Naturally there are plenty of souvenir stores near this Santa Claus Village ha ha ha...This next pic is one of them. ;-D

Next set of pics: the first time I TRIED miniskiing. It's similar to skiing, but the ski boards are much smaller than regular ones. We went to a hill on a forest, so we had to go up by ourselves. Arttu made the tracks for me as the snow was thick. I was SO scared of sliding down as the miniski boards were SO slippery (made of plastic). I didn't go all the way up the hill 'coz I was too scared HA HA HA HA...and as you can see from the pics, I fell down over and over and over again and COULDN'T GET UP 'coz my arms were SO tired already!!!!! No wonder in skiing places they go up the mountain with the ski lift. I'm telling you that it's NOT easy to go up there by yourself he he he...However, the best thing about it was that it was FREE to miniski there HUA HA HA HA HA...Anyway, in the next pic I was still standing proudly, but watch out the other pics hi hi hi...

Yup, that's me...couldn't get up on my own. Arttu was up there taking a pic of me and the surrounding area hi hi hi...The thick snow felt SO soft (softer than falling on pillows), though it made my butt cold ha ha ha ha...

The view around us...

Here I go again...falling down once more he he he...I got so scared of falling (sliding down without being able to stop), so that I naturally shifted my weight backward and thus I fell graciously on my butt hi hi hi hi...

Next pic: I don't have to tell you what it is.

Last pic: I found this pic taken from the second floor of our house. Well, it was an open space designed as a place to hang our clothes dry. Here's the small alley where I lived. The nearest rooftop is my parents' house's rooftop. As you can see, the alley's so's only big enough for two motorcycles (regular ones).

OK, this is long enough. Phew!!!


  1. I love these pictures especially the ones with the snow. Thanks so much for sharing these pictures.

  2. Hi, Marsha!

    Welcome to my blog. THANKS for dropping by. Glad you loved the pics. ;-D

  3. Thanks for the lovely photos. But Oh, you make falling look so fun! I have a fear of falling with the skis too...they're so darn heavy and stiff.

  4. Hi, Blur!

    My problem with miniskis is that they weren't heavy at all since their size was small. But they were VERY slippery ha ha ha ha ha...Maybe you should try miniskiing sometimes. ;-D

  5. Oh, and the miniskis were pretty flexible as well since they were made of plastic. ;-D

  6. wow ... wow... wow... no wonder you don't miss Bandung ya! you live in a very beautiful place now!

    I wonder how you can stand that cold weather! I will be so ill if I were you!

    Aduh parah nih batuknya aku... mulai pilek pula.. huaaaa...

  7. Hi, Trin!

    HA HA HA HA HA...Yeah, I don't miss the traffic in Bandung or the crowdedness...but I miss the food and the people I love he he he...

    Oh should REALLY rest A LOT and take plenty of vitamin C!

    Well, I have on layers of clothing, Trin. I haven't experienced the "worst" winter yet, so I don't know how big I'm gonna be then if I have to go out on my own. Good thing that I'm unemployed so if the weather's so bad I don't have to go out ha ha ha ha...

    GET WELL SOON, dear!!! ;-D

  8. Great pics Amel, although they made me feel a little cold :-) It's 72F in NY right now, so an unusually warm October. It's lovely, not too hot and humid, just perfect. Fish x

  9. Hi, Fish!

    Glad you enjoyed the pics! ;-D

    So it's around 22'C there? NICE and warm indeed! ENJOY the weather then!

    And hey, if you feel a bit chilly 'coz of my pics, you can always cuddle up with Tel Aviv! *wink* HO HO HO HO HO HO...

  10. Amel, it was really beautiful.
    I wish my brother could see this scene too. He has never been to a winter country too.
    Thanks for thinking of me while doing up this post. I'm very touched. Thanks for sharing your wonderful moments with me :)

    Janice Ng

  11. Janice: Maybe now God can take him to other places that he can see winter places. ;-D

    It's MY pleasure, Janice! ;-D I also had fun digging up old pics and remembering what we had done back then.

  12. I love the birdies...sooo cutttee...

    Hmm...the first youtube video is no longer available :-? :D

    The last youtube video is like a haunted place he looks eerie, but I recognize the trees if I'm not mistaken...from the pics you've taken before.

    It's so fun looking at your photos...thanks for posting them here, Amel!! :D

  13. Choc Mint Girl: Yeah, I LOVE taking pics of them. This time I got nearer to them, but still it was hard to get good pics 'coz they kept on moving. I'll try to get better pics next time if they're still there he he...How I wish I had better zoom ha ha ha...

    Oh...THANKS for telling me about the first video. I'll go check out what the problem is. Hmmmpphhh...

    The last video was taken from the window of my mother-in-law's house. It's a view of the house across the road. It actually looks very lovely in reality, not eerie at all ha ha ha ha ha...

    Glad you enjoyed the pics, Crystal! ;-D

  14. Hey Amelia!

    I loved the pics...specially the ones where you're skiing lol lol! F-U-N-N-Y!

    That Ice hotel seems hyper interesting: now that's a place I never been to! Is it as cold as it seems like *brrrrr*!


  15. Hi, Max!

    LOL LOL!!! I knew you'd love those skiing pics ha ha ha...

    Yeah, the ice hotel was pretty cold, but I was wearing my anorak, so I was fine he he he...

    I think it's made to ensure INTIMACY since it's cold, then the guests would definitely cuddle up with each other HO HO HO HO HO...*wink wink*