Sunday, August 30, 2009

When Jesus Took Him Away

About a week ago I heard shocking news from my Mom. She told me via SMS that one of my brother's friends died. He was only 29 years old. The other day I called my Mom via Skype and got to talk to my brother, as well. He told me the story about his friend's illness and death.

He died because of some type of either lung or liver virus (it's not clear which is which). He was treated in a hospital for about two weeks. Twelve days in the hospital, he saw bright lights and Jesus. Jesus told him that He came to take him away.

He said to Jesus, "Lord, if I can bargain, I'd wish not to be taken away now, because I'm getting married next May."

Jesus told him that he could only get two more days before He came to take him away.

Two days later he saw Jesus again and I guess in the end he did go with Him. So he took his last breath exactly on the day that Jesus said He would.

When I first heard the news, I felt a cold chill running down my spine when I thought about what would happen to his future wife. I bet they've already booked at least some things for the party. Finding a place to throw a wedding party isn't easy (esp. if the place is a favourite, then you have to book much earlier than the D-day). She must have been in a happy state before he got sick, thinking that next year they'd be husband and wife. But now all their dreams of life together is shattered. May God comfort her and guide her throughout this grief.

May God comfort his family, too.

My brother said that as sad as it was, at least Jesus was the one that took him. He's in a far better place now. :-)))

Rest in peace, Benny!
You're missed...


  1. I feel sad as I read this post. I hope the dear ones are comforted in their belief.

  2. Hi Amel,

    I am sorry about these news, girl! Your brother must be sad right now :(...

    If Jesus came for him, then we know that he is well :).
    I really believe that it happened and that he must have been a good soul.

    May God be with his fiancée, she must be devastated.


  3. that's an amazing story. He must have been really virtuous to have Jesus come up to him before he was going to die (& then to give him 2 more days on top of that!!)
    Wow, thanks for sharing!!!!

  4. Everybody: THANKS for all your kind words.

    Vince: I suppose he did have a good relationship with Him. :-)