Monday, August 17, 2009

3BT: Random Days

Note: I seem to be getting rather "quiet" in the blogosphere since my training started, but I can assure you that I have had many thoughts running in my head. But I won't share them here yet...maybe later he he...

1. A hot week (or hot weeks to be exact) followed by a rainy, cool week (this week) 'coz that means we can still stay at home comfortably without having to buy a fan or an aircon. Ah...bliss! (Plus cool weather means that sauna feels MUCH MUCH better!)

2. Hubby has been washing the dishes every week without being asked 'coz he knows how tired I am every day (and how I don't want to clean up the house after cleaning all those rooms).

3. Getting a jar of homemade strawberry jam from MIL.

4. Hubby cooking chocolate pancakes to eat with the jar of strawberry jam from MIL. PERFECTTTTT taste!!! (and I didn't even have to do anything BWA HA HA HA HA HA...)

5. In MIL's house, they gave us ice cream and hubby let me take the one he wanted (even though after I noticed that he actually wanted that one and offered to exchange it, he still gave it to me). *grin widely* I just felt SO loved!!!

6. Hubby leaving me the last piece of pancake, even though I didn't ask him to. Come to think of it, he always does that...if there's a little food left, he'd ask if I wanted it or not before he eats it (esp. when it comes to the kind of food that he knows I like). Again I feel SO loved!!!

7. One caring coworker. It's obvious that she was slightly worried that I might not survived (given my shortness, she could guess that doing some things would be harder for me than for taller people). God bless all caring people in the world!

8. I had enough strength and willpower to play Wii Fit+Sports for about an hour on Saturday night. I missed working out. Ever since I started my training, I hadn't exercised much 'coz every time I come home, my feet are so sore that I just don't want to stand up anymore.

9. Laughing with hubby until we had tears in our eyes and until he couldn't speak anymore. :-D

10. Not having a demanding, controlling hubby who tells me what to do. In fact, he always lets me choose my own path. :-D

11. Sharing a joke (the joke was made by R2) with my family in Indo and hearing my Mom laugh so happily on the phone.

12. Not having to be stingy on chili or other instant mixes or Indonesian food that I bought from 'coz I know I'll bring SO MANY things from Indo soon enough to restock the things I've used HO HO HO HO HO HO...

13. Sharing a bar of soft chocolate mouth-to-mouth with hubby and when we got to the middle, we ended it with kisses. ;-D


  1. you certainly have a tasty post this time, mentioning chocalate pancakes, strawberry jam & ICE CREAM (my favorite snack!!)
    I'm glad to see you are enjoying your summer.

  2. I think you're getting more than enough exercise at work everyday!

  3. Love it Amel!! i am lucky in the hubby department too.

    Wow it's been ages and that's my fault.

    I took a long break and I am having a tough go trying to get back into my regular routine!!

    But, I miss you bunches and bunches. I saw your link pop up on my blog roll and zoom I headed right over!!:-))))