Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Facebook: Old Friends + An Old Pic

Lately I've been re-acquainted with more and more ex-elementary school friends through Facebook. Some Indonesian people (mostly women) who married Finnish guys and live in Finland have also found me through Facebook. The bigger the amount of friends I have, the more cautious I become in writing about anything. I've even deleted the link to this blog in Facebook, simply 'coz I feel that my "privacy" is better kept that way.

The other day a friend told me that her brother wrote something in his wall status that caused an uproar among their relatives. My friend told us that he should have been more careful in writing his wall status, 'coz other people might get the wrong idea, especially those who don't understand the reason(s) why he wrote what he wrote.

On the positive note, I'm organizing a little get-together with my ex-elementary school friends when I go back home in November. I don't know yet how many of them will come, but at least a handful of them have told me that they'd definitely come. CAN'T WAIT to meet them! :-D

We've also been having fun "walking down the memory lane", talking about our teachers and other friends. We've forgotten some friends and through some of them, we get to know what has happened to some other friends.

The most shocking news came today about one ex-elementary school friends of ours. Unfortunately I don't remember her, but one of them met her recently. She has got a daughter, but her husband died already. :-(((( Being a widower in such a young friend told me that the husband died due to brain tumor and they found out about it at such a late stage already. :-((((

Anyway...I'll blog-hop during the weekend as usual. Right now I have to write a LONG email to someone he he he he he...Take care, everybody!!!

P.S. I don't think I've shown you this pic. My cousin uploaded this one in Facebook. As you can see, I was 7 years old and boy, my Dad looks SO young and "plump" in this pic ('coz now he's SO skinny!!!). As comparison, let me also show you last year's family pic that we took in Indo.


  1. I love reunions among old classmates from school! Can't wait for mine 2 yrs. from now.
    I love the comparison picture of you and your dad years ago and the one taken recently! It's amazing all that's changed, isn't it??

  2. I'm sorry to hear about the wife whose husband died. That's the absolute worst !! :(..

  3. Hey Amel :D!

    Awww you were so cute when you were a kid :)!

    I love the family photo :D!

    Oh yes...Facebook has generated a lot of privacy issues. For example, the director of the British Secret Services was exposed by his wife on facebook - can you believe it?

    So you do well to preserve your privacy,girl!

    Big hug to you!! :D


  4. My heart goes out to your elementary friend! That is the worst thing ever! I will say a prayer for her today.

    Loving those pics of yours! =) and well done for preserving your privacy. I never approve people I dont know on facebook for that same reason..hehe

  5. I am sorry to hear about your old friend story became a widower in young age.

    Love pic fam of yours

  6. Yes, FB is definitely a place for people to get re-acquainted! I met lots of ex-schoolmates from elementary school via FB and we had a mini re-union, but didn't manage to attend the 2nd one due to it was clash with a close friend's wedding. Hope yours will going on well as planned.

    Sorry to hear about your friend's loss... :(

  7. Lovely pics :)

    Käy blogissani jos haluat Blog Mágico palkinnon :)

  8. Vince: You're going to have a reunion 2 years later? COOL!!! And's amazing to see the changes in our faces in both pics.

    THANKS for your concern about my friend. I was shocked to hear that. Must've been tough. :-(

    Max: Ugh...the director of the British Secret Services was exposed by the WIFE?!?!?!?! Gee...

    Shinta: THANKS for your prayer, Shin. Yeah, I've also ignored requests from people I don't know in Facebook he he...

    Jul: Yeah, it's such a tragedy. :-(

    Choc Mint Girl: THANKS for your concern about my friend. I understand about the clash with a friend's wedding. I also don't know how many can come, but still it's exciting even if there are only a few that can come he he...

    Rita: Kiitoksia paljon palkinnosta! Tulen käymään nyt. :-D

  9. You looked so cute with the missing front teeth. BTW, you look so much like your dad!

  10. Blur Ting: HE HE HE...well, now I find that pic cute, too, but when I was that age (I think everybody that age feels the same way too?) I felt lousy with the missing front teeth hi hi hi...and yep, many people say I look more like my Dad than Mom! :-D