Monday, August 03, 2009

Squirrels Video Clips + Stung by Bug

On Saturday my MIL told me that one squirrel dared to come inside the house a few days before to get some food. Since it has been hot lately, their front doors were left open. It seems that the squirrel lives in their shed. After some time, that Saturday the squirrel made its appearance, so my MIL quickly got some bread to feed it.

We came inside the shed to give it some food. MIL said that the squirrel looked different (smaller) from the one who came inside the house the other day, so we were sure there were two of them there HE HE HE...

Here's the video clip of the smaller squirrel. I made several video shots and combined them into one. What my MIL said in the video clip was basically something like, "Come here, little's some food for you...come here and don't be afraid...hereeeee..."

At first it was hesitant and it was running in circles and wouldn't grab the bread, but in the end it did take it. Some time afterward, the other squirrel came out.

Here's the video clip of the other squirrel. In this clip, it was just munching on the bread he he...

I got the surprise of my life when I peeked inside my MIL's greenhouse. Here is the pic of the cucumber two Saturdays ago:

And here are two pics of the cucumber plant last Saturday (these are two different cucumbers, the first one is bigger than the second one):

Anyway, on Saturday I was also stung by a bug. At first it was like a mosquito bite but it gradually grew larger and larger and redder and it went swollen. The diameter is around 15 cm on my right calf. It started becoming painful at times and also if the area bumped into something (also if I slapped on the area). Last night it also started becoming SO itchy that I was awaken by the itch, though the swelling has subsided a bit. So I didn't go to work today. Went to the health centre and then I bought some medication and salve. They said that if it worsen in a few days, I should come back. Oh well...tomorrow I'm going back to work, though. Hope the pain and the itch have subsided even more by then.

I'll blog-hop during the weekend, okay? Take care, people!


  1. wow...the cucumber is so BIG, Amel.

    Take care, I hope you are better soon.

  2. Those squirrels are ADORABLE! And the cucumbers look delicious! I hope you are feeling better.

  3. Amel! I'm sorry you were bit! That sounds a little scary that you don't know what bit you. I think the mosquitos are worse than last year. Before, the bites would go away in a few days. Now when we get bit they last for almost 2 weeks! New breed of mosquito! :(

    That's funny that you MIL has 2 squirrels. They are a cute animal. But doesn't she worry that they might poop in her house some place and make it stink? Sorry for the question, lol!

  4. Cute squirrels! I seldom see any more squirrels around my area and if I do see one, it moves so fast hehe... Hey, I hope you weren't stung by a bee or something poisonous. Hope it's getting better. Take care! :)

  5. sebentar lagi ramadhan tiba, tidak ada salahnya jika kami mengawali kepada-mu tuk mohon maaf lahir dan bathin agar memasuki bulan suci dengan jiwa yang suci, bersih dari dosa dan noda, selamat bagi yg menunaikannya...qt ini bangsa yg toleransinya tinggi...sekali lagi mohon maaf.ok (link)

  6. Hi, people...thanks for your concern. My swollen calf has healed almost completely now. :-)))

    Vince: It actually didn't cross my mind about the squirrel's poo. Besides, she didn't let it linger inside the house. It only came inside to look for food and go back outside. It lives in the shed with another squirrel.

  7. Wow, 15cm is huge! Glad it has subsided now. Do take care when you're outdoors during summer.