Saturday, September 11, 2010

Down and Out...

Yep, definitely not feeling like myself. I have a cold and a blocked nose...may heaven help me when I'm at work today...the trouble is I have to have enough brain power to concentrate in counting and speaking Finnish. We'll see how it goes. At least it's a rather short shift today and tomorrow I have a day off.

Just wanna share this INCREDIBLE sea life experience with you all...if you can, watch it in HD by clicking this link: Bali Diving HD.


  1. Hmmm you certainly don’t look yourself in this video…I know you said your nose is blocked but then silly girl get out of all that sea water! ;)

    Take care…

  2. =( Hope you get better soon, girl. Praying for you here. *HUGS*

  3. sorry about your cold. I've had one too lately, and it is still lingering around. I just can't figure out why people are getting colds now when this usually doesn't happen until December! My kids have already missed 3 days of school b/c they've been sick.

  4. LS: HE HE HE...I don't dare swim in the sea 'coz I'm not a particularly good swimmer he he...

    THANKS for your support, everybody!!!!