Thursday, September 23, 2010

Math Tutoring

I was never too good at Math. I was never really bad, either, but in some lessons I'd need help. I remember my Mom hired a Math tutor for me when I was in Junior High School for a while. She was quite a strict person and if we gave the wrong answer, sometimes she would pinch my hand a little. I guess after teaching so many students, her patience must've run out a little he he...It's understandable because I have also been in her place as an English tutor. When a student wasn't serious about studying, I had to control myself to be more patient with him/her.

Anyhow, if your child needs online Math tutoring, provides the cheapest rates available for K-12 and college students. Whether you need Math homework help or college algebra help, their team of experts are ready to give you a hand.

I know how frustrating it is to try solving Math word problems on your own over and over again without any success. In the end you just want to give up. I also remember that sometimes I thought I got the right answers, but when we checked them out in the classroom, turned out I had gotten the wrong ones for some weird reasons. I did use the kind of problem solving technique, but in some point I must've done something wrong with it. I'm sure was glad to be able to get some help at that time. Sometimes a friend of mine would also help me out if I didn't understand something in Math. Don't you think getting free Math help is a good thing? Then you can click on the link to find out what kind of free Math help you can get.

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