Wednesday, September 08, 2010


Been busy with work and then another Rovaniemi trip today, so I'll cut this short 'coz I still have lots of things to do...

1. We went to the place where they said they could fix Panasonic stuff, but turned out he said they'd made a deal with all the other stores that the one in charge to fix Panasonic cameras is located in Helsinki, so we have to contact them later (either by phone or email first).

2. After asking about the job contract thingie, my area manager called me while we were on the way back from Rovaniemi, stating that they'd like to prolong my contract until the end of this year. We're going to draft a new contract next week, so we'll see about that. *fingers crossed* ;-D

3. Bought 3 tops in the flea market in Rovaniemi for only €6.50. WOOHOOOOOO!!! What a bargain!!!

4. Found 2 cheap Finnish novels in GREAT conditions (one is new) from different places. YAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYY!!! ---> so I guess this action redeemed the fact that I had bought such an expensive novel the other day when we went to Rovaniemi HA HA HA HA...

5. Been feeling out of the weather still. Yesterday when I had my evening shift, I felt light-headed after a few hours and a light headache started kicking in. Uh oh...I hope I'm not going to be the one who's sick next, 'coz two coworkers have been sick for at least a week. I've tried taking lots of sleep, though, 'coz my eyes just feel weirdly heavy even after so much sleep. Oh well...

P.S. Been busy with work and 'coz I've tried to sleep much more than usual in order to avoid getting sick, I haven't had time to blog-hop. I'll do it later when I have more time and energy, OK? Take care, people!!!


  1. I had a cold too. it's the 1st time I ever had a cold in the beginning of September, I think!! I'm so glad that they are probably going to extend your contract. That's awesome, they must like the fact that you are doing good work!

  2. Wish you better. Well done with your extended contract!

  3. Love your lists, Amel. Good luck for your contract.