Sunday, September 05, 2010


Yeah, been quiet here in my blog ha ha...dunno why I feel like I've been so busy lately. Anyway, yesterday my in-laws did a test trial by spending the night in their new apartment. They're going to do some more trials bit by bit before winter comes and then they're going to move there for sure. They hope that next summer they can still go back to their present house, though we'll see how it goes.

So yesterday three cars went to that new apartment he he...Our car, my MIL's car, and my BIL's car. We brought more stuff there with us and we helped MIL prepare the apartment for the night. We rearranged the position of some furniture and stuff like that. I was a bit worried 'coz after being there for about half an hour, my MIL asked FIL how he liked the place. He said he wanted to go back home...ohhhh I hope that they could sleep tightly that night and that FIL didn't feel too confused with all that.

This morning I went to work and my MIL dropped by to buy some food. I had a chance to ask her how the night went and she said they slept well. That's GREAT to hear!!! ;-D

Anyway, yesterday I also had time to have a long talk with MIL about different topics. Apparently this apartment will be the first home she lives in where she can decorate it with whatever she wants to use, 'coz she got married young and then she had never lived in a house where there were only her hubby and kids. There were always somebody else there, such as the in-laws. Only after the kids moved out did they begin to live just the two of them. Even so, the house was filled with the in-laws' stuff still. So moving to this new apartment feels like a brand new life for her.

I can relate to her feelings 'coz prior to my marriage, I had always lived with my parents. And even when I first moved to Finland, R2 had everything ready already, so I didn't decorate the apartment at all. Only when we moved to our second apartment (before moving to this house) did I manage to buy some stuff to decorate the house with (some curtains and we bought a sofa-bed).

On the work front, my job contract ends at the end of this month, but when I went to work today, I noticed that they had written down the work shift for last week of this month and on that list, they still gave me work shift for the 1st and 2nd of October. Uh...hello?!?!?! What's going on here???

I told my coworker about this and she told me to ask the area manager later on. I can't continue working before I get a new contract and I don't know yet if they do want to keep hiring me or not, so we'll see about that. I sure can use the money (who doesn't need money?) to buy the plane ticket to Indo next year and to buy stuff for my family and friends. I'll keep you updated about this.

OK, now time to relax 'coz I have to work tomorrow but then I'll have Tuesday off. YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYY!!!! ;-D Quality time with R2, who still has the rest of his summer holiday he he...


  1. Ooo!! It's good to hear the "trial night" went well! Hope your FIL gets used to the new apartment pretty quickly. i can totally understand how your MIL feel. I've always been living with other people as well. Although Hans & I live alone in this apartment now, but still this is not ours so i can't really decorate (i.e paint, and stuff..haha) as much as I'd like. Your MIL must be uber excited, eh. =) Enjoy your Tuesday off with hubby! =)

  2. Hi Amel,

    I can understand how the new phase of life may seem a bit confusing to your FIL, however bit by bit he'll get used to it.

    I wish you get a new contract, girl. Having a job is a wonderful thing and a blessing with this current crisis.

    Big Hug

  3. Wow looks like a lot is happening over at your end. I know how exciting it is to have a home of your own and decorate the way you want exactly. It's just very satisfying.

    Good luck on extending your work contract.