Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Some Autumn Photos

Yeah, even though my camera's flash doesn't work, but otherwise it's still functioning well (THANK GOD). Found out that the cost of fixing it (it has to be sent to the city) would be horrendous (at least we have to pay around 85 Euros), so we're still thinking about whether or not it'd be best to just fix it when we go to Indo later or not. We'll see...

Cooked and cleaned up the place today 'coz I have a free day. It's nice to have some free days from work. Last week was such a busy week for me that I didn't have time for anything much. Went to my in-laws by bike 'coz hubby wanted to watch Formula first, so he came rather late. Played cards with my MIL and her elder sister and had SO much fun - laughing till my cheeks got sore HA HA HA HA HA HA...Ain't life grand when it gives you opportunities to laugh till your cheeks get sore? HE HE HE HE HE...

Anyway...yesterday I felt like raking some dead leaves on the yard, so I did that while enjoying the fresh autumn air. I took out my camera as well to take some pics...it felt SO good to rake the dead leaves while the sun was shining and the birds were chirping. Felt like a holiday actually!!! :-D

OK, now enjoy the photos...it's been below 0'C some nights over here, but daytime temperature is still around 7-10'C.

I just loved how the sun kissed the tree trunk, so I just HAD to take a pic of it ha ha ha...

Below are two experimental photos, but I think I like the first one better than the second one. What do you think?

OK, I'll blog-hop a little now...


  1. What's happened that your flash camera doesn't work well. Did you ever drop it or...??

    Lovely photos, Amel.

  2. Hey Amel,

    First about the pics: I liked the three of them (they are all different in their own category).

    Second, it is cold there already, eh? Here it is not cold yet, but the days are not that hot any longer (thank God).

    Do you know what I enjoy the most about your posts? You tone of happiness...you sound happy and I am extremely happy for you :D!

    Keep it up!


  3. I like the first pic of the tree better. And I agree, a good laugh brightens up any day.

  4. Nice pics, Mel. :)
    The last two pics, do you know what berries are they? :)

  5. I like the berries with the tree in the bsckground.

  6. The red are Rowan tree berries...and the black ones, look like they may be Juniper, but I can't see the leaves of the bush though.

    It is getting colder here in Sodankylä though... plus 9 today.. and my husband saw a snowflake/sleet or two the other day!!