Thursday, September 23, 2010

3BT: Random Days

1. How I've found wonderful human beings through the internet and the blogosphere to share my ups and downs, to support and encourage and understand me. I would never have made it without all of you people.

2. When I've been whiny and annoying (even in my own ears/mind), yet hubby still tells me, "I love you anyway, honey." That is one of the most beautiful things I've ever heard in my life.

3. Watching autumn colours, especially the red colour (my fave autumn colour) surrounding me...and noticing a squirrel running about cautiously in our yard.

4. Hubby let me eat the last cup of chocolate pudding. (FYI: I bought 4 cups and ate 2 cups, but when the last cup was still in the fridge, I asked hubby if he wanted it or not and he said, "Nah, you can have it 'coz you like it so much.")

5. Getting a permanent part-time job contract means that I had some spare money to buy some things for my in-laws - I bought FIL a warm jacket (with fleece lining inside) and a pair of warm socks for MIL when I visited them the other day and they were happy to get them. ;-D

6. Meeting new foreigners in this small village on my Finnish course and laughing with them when we talked about different topics. In a small village where foreigners are rare, it's always a PLEASURE to meet fellow "comrades-in-arms".

7. Looking back over the past and realizing that God's closed doors led me to this job. If there hadn't been those closed doors, I wouldn't have ended up here. THANK GOD for His closed doors, even though at that time I felt sad and dejected (esp. when I couldn't continue at the daycare) and I didn't understand why they were there.

8. Having a hubby who knows how to do coining (scraping my back with a coin and some balm). It's VERY VERY beneficial for me 'coz I do need his help sometimes in this area.

9. Living in a small village where there's no traffic jam, less noise, no long queues at the supermarkets/stores, where I can be close to nature.

10. Meeting friendly, warm, patient customers. They're the highlight of my day at work.


  1. With this new permanent contract, you should be back to visit Indonesia very soon ;-)

    Very nice of you to buy gifts for your in-laws.

  2. COngrats again for your permanent contract, Amel.

    Lovely lists....

  3. Me love the autumn red colour as well. :) hehehe..
    I'm glad that you're doing well at work. :)

  4. I love autumn colors too, but sadly we don't have trees here! hahahaha..

    It is amazing how we can look back and see how perfect God's ways were even when times that we hadn't understood, eh? He is awesome!!! congrats on the job!! =)

  5. good luck on your job. I"m sure you'll continue to do well at it. I'm soooo happy for you!

  6. Autumn colours, friennds, chocolate pudding, a great hubby... What more can we ask? :)