Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Brief Holiday

So, I've been busy enjoying our brief holiday 'coz R2 has his summer holiday only now. He has a 3-week holiday. Saturday I had work in the morning, so we decided not to go to my in-laws. Instead, we went there on Sunday afternoon 'coz we were also planning to stay at the cabin there. We played cards until almost midnight and I lost every single game. Doh...:-((( Then we went to the cabin to have some burgers and sausages (roasting them in the fireplace) and then we went to sauna. By the time we went to sauna, we were already TOO sleepy HA HA HA HA...It made me feel "aged" somehow - I mean, I remember when I was in High School, I could sleep only 4-5 hours three nights in a row and still I didn't feel like a zombie he he he...

So we didn't stay long in the sauna and we ended up going to bed at around 2.30 am. Every time I go to the cabin, I'm reminded of how blessed I am to be able to enjoy complete silence - there are only sounds of birds or dogs barking in the distance, no traffic sounds, no TV, no computers...just the two of us and some music from the radio. Oh, no electricity as well - just some candles that made everything feel so romantic ha ha ha...ahem...

To cut the story short, we woke up SUPER late on Monday. We went back to my in-laws' place...oh yeah, almost forgot...on Sunday when we arrived there, I gave her the poster and she LOVED it!!! Esp. 'coz she had never seen all the pictures that I put there HA HA HA HA she spent time looking at each photo. ;-D Here's a pic of the poster before we brought it to my in-laws - I had R2 pose for me to let you know how big it is (R2 is about 176-177 cm and the poster ix 50X70 cm):

We had lunch there and then MIL and I went out to pick some blackcurrants while R2 went to cut some wood (we brought home about 1.5 litres of blackcurrants YAY!!!). Then it started raining, so we had to go back inside. We drank coffee and played cards again - this time I managed to win 2 games out of 3. YIIIHAAAAAAAAAA!!!! ;-D And what did we see while playing cards? RAINBOW!!!

We went back home pretty late on Monday, so we didn't have too much time for anything 'coz we had to prepare ourselves to go to Rovaniemi the next day. When we arrived home, I found out that my handbag was broken (one of the straps came off) - so it was about time to buy a new one. Went to Rovaniemi yesterday and found a suitable handbag on a discount. Here is a pic of my old bag (bought it at a special price of €8 about 3 years ago):

And here's the pic of the new bag (original price €25, discounted price €15):

Notice the long horizontal zipper there? It goes through the whole bag, so if I need to make the bag bigger, I can unzip it. KEWLLL!!!!

We went to different stores and found some things to buy, such as bed sheets, pillow cases, and even one mattress. I bought a Finnish novel that I had been wanting to buy, though I've got a crazy story about it. When we went to that one bookstore, I saw the English version of the novel (it's been translated into many languages 'coz it's such a famous novel in Finnish) and the translated novel costs only €13. I was tempted to buy it due to the price and the fact that it'd be easy for me to read it through. BUT then again I wanted to know if I could read the whole book in Finnish, so I found the Finnish version, but the price is €27. Crazy, isn't it? But I did decide to buy the Finnish one after all with determination that someday I HAVE to read it 'coz it's such an expensive investment he he...If you're curious, here's the English version of the book (you can click on the book to go straight to the amazon page):

Unfortunately we didn't find any place where we could fix the camera, but it was our fault. We should've browsed through the internet first to find it 'coz after we got back home, R2 browsed the internet and found one. That means we'll have to go back to Rovaniemi someday (well, we had actually thought of going there again) - preferably while he's still having his holiday, though I hve to check my schedule first. My working hours will be busier this month 'coz one coworker will soon stop working there - I think maybe she's been accepted in a university or something like that (dunno for sure). So we'll see when we have time to go to Rovaniemi again.

We also went to a Chinese restaurant to buy some takeaway dinner - I ordered some duck, whereas R2 ordered some chicken. Too bad the duck meat has strange texture, though overall the food tastes OK, but I've tasted better duck meat (even the frozen duck meat from Lidl tastes BETTER than that - I mean texture-wise). Oh least now I know that I'll NEVER buy duck from there again. Once we bought lunch buffet there and everything tasted GREAT, so it's just the duck that's the problem.

OK, now I need to blog-hop a little and then exercise (haven't done any exercise for about 5 days or so). Tomorrow and Friday I've got work to do. For those who want to see the pot of flowers I got from a customer at work, here goes:


  1. Sounds like you had an awesome time! =) Handbag looks good!! hehe..I love bags that can be made bigger..haha..(serasa kantong ajaib ey..haha). The poster is huge!! But it look beautiful. I can see the picture of your in laws from this far! Awesome! =)

  2. Hi, Amel! First thing I want to comment on the pot of flowers... They are so lovely!! I love it. :-)

    Awww... the poster was an awesome job. Now she always has something to look at and smile when she hangs it on the wall. :-)

    Your new handbag is quite handy. I need a new one, too. I just used it about 6 months ago. I purposely bought it even though I know the quality is not that good, but it's not pricey either and I love the style. So, I can always change it to a new one without feeling guilty if it's torn, but I think I'll wait until December. See first. ;-)

    I think you've made a brilliant decision of buying the book in Finnish. Yeah, it's a long term investment. :-)

    Well, hope you'll be able to fix your camera in your next visit. Ugh, lucky the duck meat was still edible otherwise it was a total disappointment.

    Happy Reading & Happy Working!!! :-)

  3. Amel,

    The bag is practical: it was a good buy.

    Loved the plant: it is gorgeous and vibrant.


  4. Mel, I bet you had a great time. :)
    The poster looks good, though. No wonder your MIL likes it. :)
    As for the new bag, I like the new one more coz it looks more stylish than the prev. :) Oh,'s just a matter of taste. :D hehehe...I also like bags that can be bigger.
    The plant is gorgeous, though. :)
    And yuck for the duck meat from that resto. :( Next time when you buy food from there, better to buy something else than the one with duck meat.

  5. The poster came out just beautiful, Amel. :-)

    I really enjoyed reading this one. I do envy you the cabin. Hubby and I haven't had a night all alone in five years. Sounds really good and romantic. :-))

  6. Woah, I so love your lifestyle!!

  7. I am glad you were able to go on a holiday, and those are nice pictures. Enjoy holidays b/c a lot of times, you never know when the next vacation will come up. It seems like forever since we had 4 days to relax!!

  8. Looks you have a great holiday days.

  9. Hi Amel,

    I don't know why the books are such crazy prices here. Mad. Did you literally buy the book there and then? If not.. it is on Huuto. This one is currently at 11e, paperback.

    Hope all sorts out at work...Nice plant! Love Michelle