Friday, October 22, 2010

3BT: Random Days

1. When a man buys women's stuff (panty liners, bras) or children's stuff (children's food, diapers, milk) in my workplace.

2. Fresh bed linens.

3. Movement-induced lamps, which are VERY VERY handy in winter. It gets SO dark outside now, esp. when I have evening shifts.

4. Seeing open doors for a friend. :-D

5. Frost. Beautiful frost.

6. Today's Ken's 2nd birthday. Two years ago today, R2 and I were at the hospital where he was born. Such a pleasure and honour to be able to witness (heard) his birth right outside the labour room.

7. An old customer asked me how I was doing and when I asked him back, he said, "Fine, 'coz you're at the cashier. Even when it's raining sleet outside, you're like the sun." I thanked him. He made me smile. He said it in a matter-of-fact way, not flirty. I didn't get any weird vibes from him, so it made me feel like he just wanted to show me that my being there mattered - and I was touched. :-)))

8. I've heard a few customers (upon asking where I come from, etc.) say that they're GLAD that I moved to this village. One of them even said that it was good to have different races here. I TOTALLY appreciate those people who took the time and effort to encourage me verbally.

9. Having MORE than enough.

10. Hubby squeezing me SO tightly as though he was about to lose me or something. That felt SUPERB! :-D

11. Making banana+cheese+chocolate, which we both LOVE. :-D First I pan-fried the bananas with some butter (after flattening them a little) and I turned them around and around until they're soft...then after that I added some cheese all over it (better use grated cheese) plus some chocolate sauce. Better eaten warm. Yum yum...Here's a pic of it if you want to see: Pisang Keju.


  1. Likes you lists, Amel. The last one looks really delicious :D My mother made looooong time ago for me....

  2. Yeah, it feels good to be appreciated. Hmmm... pisang keju makes me drool... :-D

  3. That's really amazing to find such people who are really welcoming foreigners. :) Yup, me too wants pisang keju!! :D *drool*

  4. Really nice BT list Amel! I can understand why the man said it! I know you! :D

    I never would have thought to put cheese with a banana .. will have to try that some time!

  5. Amel, I admire your appreciation when a man does the things that not many people notice, like buys feminine undergarments for women. &
    It's amazing to see a place get snow in October. It's so rare in our area (upper Midwest of US)!