Saturday, October 30, 2010

Early 4th Wed Anniversary

Because I had no work shift this Sat and Sun, we decided to go to the cabin on Fri eve right after I ended my shift. I knew it'd be rather challenging 'coz the in-laws haven't lived there for a while, so there would be SO MUCH SNOW already (it's been snowing a lot lately). It was rather hard for our car to pass through the yard due to the thick snow, which you can see here:

However, our timing couldn't have been better. FYI, our 4th wedding anniversary is only this upcoming Wednesday, but next week I'll have a very busy weekend, so we can't go anywhere. Last night we arrived at the place at around 8 pm under a VERY starry sky. Everything was SO dark already, so the stars were really clear around that area. The inside of the house was only 4'C 'coz it hadn't been warmed up in a few days. The outside temperature at that time was around -4'C.

We had to use a sled to pick up our stuff to help us walk to the cabin and we had to use a flashlight to light our way. Yes, it was THAT dark over there. It was quite a tiring walk 'coz due to thick snow, I had to lift up my legs in order to make each step, but it was WORTH IT.

It was also the perfect chance to try out our new camera. Remember that my older camera's flash is broken and the cost to fix it here in Finland is around 85 Euros? Well, we thought it'd be better if we could have someone fix it in Indo (hopefully we can go there next year). And 'coz R2 didn't use his summer holiday money, he decided to buy a new camera. After browsing around, he ordered Sony HX-1 which had a panoramic mode, so I was SO excited to try that mode. Of course the first few times I made mistakes he he he...but I really had a nice time trying it out due to the beautiful weather this Saturday morning. Here are some of the pics (you can click on them to view the bigger version). I think I'll put some other pics tomorrow then.

The sun was shining beautifully at around midday, though in the morning it was VERY misty. The temperature was around -8'C and during the eve it went down to -12'C.

1st pic: The cabin and the shed.

2nd pic: The cabin and a part of the frozen lake.

3rd pic: The frozen lake. Notice that the mid part isn't too straight 'coz my hand must've moved a little.

4th pic: A tree near the cabin.

5th pic: The path leading to the cabin from the house.

And here are our eye comparison ha ha...I think you'll know already which is whose eye, right? ;-D

I'll blog-hop later. Now gonna watch some TV and relax. ;-D


  1. Happy 4th wedding anniversary, Amel & Arttu. Looks like great camera you have. Cool. Looking forward to see more of your photos later.

  2. Nice pics, Mel. :) It looks so wintry there and here's still pretty much autumn. :o
    As for the eye pictures, hmm...lemme guess...yours is on the right and Arttu's is the one on the left. :D
    Happy 4th wedding anniversary to both of you and God bless your marriage life always. :)))

  3. Happy wedding anniversary! :-)

    I like the eye photos. That's a cute idea.

  4. Happy Wedding Anniversary, dearie!!! :-) Many many more years to come with everlasting love. :-) Btw, I love your header. ;-)

  5. Everybody, THANKS for your kind words about our anniversary. :-D

    Jul: Yeah, fun to play with ha ha...

    Henny: Actually one bad thing here is the very short autumn. I have to be quick in taking pics before the leaves fall down from many trees.

    Michelle: Just playing around with our new camera ha ha...

    CMG: THANKS!!! I thought it looked a bit too whitish with all the snow, but I'm glad you liked it. ;-D