Sunday, October 10, 2010

First Snow 10.10.10

Yep, the first snow this year came on such an easy date to remember: 10.10.10. However, it melted right away 'coz the temperature down here has been above 0'C. At least the weather report says it's going to snow again tomorrow and the local newspaper has been asking people to guess when the permanent snow starts and they promise to give a reward for that ha ha ha...I guess it IS in a way fun to think about when permanent snow actually begins this year. We shall see...

I've been busy at work and I've visited my MIL twice this week, so I haven't really had much time to blog nor blog-hop.

Now let me share some funny things that've happened at work:

1. A man came in one evening and gave me his debit card to pay, but when I was about to take it, he suddenly remembered that the debit card machine was right in front of him, so he could just insert it by himself.

Upon remembering that fact, he joked, "Oh, I just wanted to stay here a little bit longer, you see? That was why I gave you the card instead of inserting it on my own."

I laughed and after the transaction was finished, he said, "Now I have to go, but next time I may stay a little bit longer" HA HA HA HA HA HA...

2. I met one of the daycare Moms the other night and after she paid, I said to her to send my regards to her daughter. She smiled and said, "Yeah, she HAS been talking about you many times."

I was nicely surprised and asked, "Oh, she still remembers me?" (and my name, too?)

She said, "Oh yeah, she does remember."

I was slightly surprised 'coz the daughter had a holiday earlier, so she wasn't there the last day I was working at the daycare, though I remember her giving me a huge hug the last day she was there. :-D

3. One younger male customer (he must be in his early 20s) has been REALLY naughty (he has naughty written all over his face). First of all, once he pretended that he didn't bring any money, so when it was time for him to pay, he asked me, "Can I just bring all these stuff outside?" with a cheeky grin. Doohhhhh...

Another time it was his buddy who was buying things and when it was time for me to give his buddy some change, he reached out to my money box to get it himself. I slapped his hand a little and he just laughed. Dohhhh!!!!!! Bad boy!!!

4. One time a woman thought I was an adopted child HA HA HA HA HA HA...My MIL said that it was probably 'coz there's been lots of adopted children from China hi hi hi hi...

OK, time to blog-hop now. Hope you've had a BLESSED weekend, people!!!


  1. Awww... the girl is so sweet. I guess she misses having you around.

    First snow... ahhh... so, it's going to be Christmas sooonnn heheheee... We'll be seeing your snowman again. ;-D

    Oh, you have lots of curious customers, but glad they didn't bully you or something, right?!

  2. CMG: No, no, don't worry, nobody bullies me. If somebody ever does that, I'll report to my coworkers or shout for help HE HE HE...

  3. we just had the first snow here in Kuusamo too! Winter is coming! Yay!

  4. Wow! First snow already there, ay? But not yet here, though the forecast said it would be within this week. :o
    The little girl is sweet, though. :) And yikes for those youngster guys! :(

  5. It always energises me to read your blog cos it is filled with such positivity!