Monday, October 04, 2010

3BT: Random Days

1. MIL hugging me tightly and saying, "My daughter." (Note: She only has 3 sons without any daughters)

2. Taking this pic - I'm READY to fly to the moon and back (or to the new planet and back?) LOL LOL...

3. My kangkong plant is still going strong - still growing so well despite the fact that I've been keeping it indoors ever since the weather became colder. Here goes:

5. Going back to my in-laws' house yesterday 'coz hubby needed to change his tyres into winter tyres and he kept the tyres there. Boy, how I missed the place!

6. Noticing that some of my MIL's roses, which were put in the hallway of the house, are still blooming beautifully despite the fact that some of them have wilted.

7. Eating one of the most delicious chocolate torte ever!!! I LOVE the moist texture! :-D

8. After not having exercised for a while (due to my illness the other week) and despite my laziness, I managed to kick my ass and start my exercise regime again. YAAAAAAAYYY!!!

9. Daydreamingggg about something hi hi hi...


  1. Hehe... It reminds me of the brooms in Harry Porter. Your MIL is lucky having you around, and of course you are lucky to have her as well. :-)

  2. Fun photo of yours with that broom ^__^ Lovely flower, Amel.

    Have a great weekend.