Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Lazy Feet + Dad Update

Some of you might know already that my Dad's being treated in a hospital. He's doing much better now and it seems that he can go back home on Saturday. I'll keep you updated. I was surprised when I got an SMS last Sunday from my Mom, telling me that my Dad was taken to hospital 'coz his whole body was cold.

About a few months ago, finally my family succeeded in making him go for a full check-up and at that time it was found out that his heart wasn't that good anymore, so since then he's been taking heart medication. So I guess that was why they took him to the hospital - 'coz they were afraid it was a heart attack.

Due to my Dad's type 2 diabetes, he can't feel anything much anymore (in terms of pain), so my family has the heavy task of being alert whenever he looks unwell. The doctor told my family that my Dad suffered from an early heart attack and that the heart was swollen so much, so he had to stay in the hospital for a few days.

My doctor friend told me that my Dad's heart's function will never get any better, so the only thing we can do is just try to keep his condition stable, even though it IS hard to do 'coz my Dad is stubborn and it's tough to tell him to be careful with what he eats. But be honest I felt a bit guilty for not being able to take turns in taking care of my Dad, but then again guilt won't enable me to do more for him, will it?

And at least my family does NOT make me feel guilty for living so far away, so I'm thankful for that. I'm also THANKFUL for all the prayers and support that I've got through Facebook. HIGHLY appreciated!!!

Anyway, what about "lazy feet"? Well, yesterday I went to my friend's place on foot (she lives about 3 km away from our place) 'coz R2 promised to pick me up after work. I had NOT been walking such a distance for a LONG time 'coz I've always been riding my bike, so it felt like such a long journey 'coz it took at least twice as long to reach the place he he he he...Lazy feet!!! Spoiled feet!!! But it was good to walk that distance, though.

OK, I'll blog-hop a little. Been busy again with work and other things.


  1. I hope your father gets well soon. Hugs.

  2. I hope your dad will be in stable condition. It's not going to be easy, but your family is there to look after him. So, he's not alone and I'm sure that will help him feels much better. Prayers for him.

    Hubby used to send me everywhere in his car, so, I have lazy feet, too, hehehe... except when we go traveling, walking is such an adventurous activity. ;-)

  3. I am sorry to hear about ur father's condition. I hope he will better soon.

  4. I'm happy that your dad is doing much better now. I hope after all that happened, he will listen to your mum and brother, so that his condition remain stable.
    Me too have lazy feet. hahaha... :D

  5. Glad to hear your Dad is doing better. You know, my grandmother had a bad heart - but she lived to be almost a 100! :) She was 99 when she died. Told us she was going to die "soon" when she was 75.

  6. if you are not used to it, walking is very slow. I'll pray for your Dad also!

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