Tuesday, October 26, 2010


The other day I just suddenly realized something: how an incident impacted my life in certain ways, but I only understood how deep the impact was after moving to and living in Finland. When I still lived in Indo, I didn't even know the incident affected me that much. Sorry I'm being cryptic here, but I don't want to write about it in details. Suffice it to say that I LOVE enlightenment and I LOVE having moments when I understand even more things about myself, others, life in general. :-D

Today the temp. went down to -6'C after snowing so much on Saturday. Yesterday and the day before the daytime temperature was above 0'C, so much of the snow has melted and now it's rock hard, so I've gotta be really careful when I go to work later today.

Hubby, who went to work very early today for a business trip to another town, left me a message: "Honey, you're the BEST thing that ever happened to me. I love you. Be careful outside. It's slippery."

Waking up to THAT made me SO happy! :-D

Anyway, let me share some snowy pictures with you...taken on Saturday and Sunday...

The dead rose bush...I think it looks LOVELY, the contrast between the white snow, the black branches, and some red leaves.

Below you can even see some green leaves still! :-D

And here's my MIL's orchid, still going strong inside the apartment:

I'll blog-hop later tomorrow or the next day. We want to go to the cabin this weekend 'coz I don't have work at all on Saturday and Sunday, but we'll see about that. I hope the weather is good enough he he...


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  2. It's a sad fact of life that pain and other stressful experiences lead to growth.
    I am going through a hard time myself. My law firm respects me insofar as I have a lot of responsibility and they like when I train new people (I enjoy that myself!!)
    But I learn that they refuse to give me and others raises when the owners/partners of the law firm take 6 vacations a year. I learned that people w/ less seniority than I make more per hour than I.

    If I can get through this period and look for opportunities toward a better job, I hope to succeed.

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  4. Hi Amel :D!

    First of all: your orchid is absolutely gorgeous! Loved it.

    Second: it is cold in your country lol. It made me sing Halleluiyah!!! to God a thousands times for being here, where the sun is still warm. Nevertheless, the landscape is gorgeous under its white blanket :D.

    I am glad you are happy and that you are reaching enlightenment: this is what we call evolution.

    Big hug and cheers

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  6. Love the pics, Mel. :) I wish Vaasa also has more snow like you have there. :( Be careful when walking outside on the slippery road! I bet you don't want to end up like me last winter. :o

  7. I always love to see those snowy pix of yours especially when we are inching closer to the joyous season. :-) I'm happy for you... just be extra careful, buddy! :-)

  8. hello there! just checking out your other blog. thanks for all your comments. i feel very encouraged my them.

    so fun connecting from the other side of the world! it is going into summer here so it is heating up slowly. the winter looks gorgeous there though. i hope you are having a good week.