Thursday, February 10, 2011

Romance In The Air

Before we went to sleep:

Me: (squeezing him SOOOO tightly) "I WANT YOUUUUUUUUUUU!!!"
R2: (with his usual calm way) "You do have me. "
Me: "Yeah, but I still DO want you. Isn't that good that I still want you even though I have you already? If I have you but I don't want you anymore, that's sad, isn't it?"
R2: "Yeah." (too sleepy to continue the conversation)

Yep, still want him SO badly even though I have him in my arms. Sometimes I just stare at him for a long time - partly to tease him. If I stare at him too long, he'll then do something to "get rid of me" (e.g. to stop me from staring at him) HA HA HA HA HA HA...

I can't wait for our winter holiday later on. We may not go anywhere far (probably just to Rovaniemi or the cabin), but it'll be nice to be able to do whatever we want for the whole week. I'm also planning to book a massage for us, but we'll see about that. Have to count the budget first and think before deciding he he...


  1. Totally agree about wanting the hubs even when we already do have him. =) Btw, loe iseng banget sehhh...hahahaha..Kalo si Hans sih gw liatin terus kagak efek, yg ada dia malah goyang2 and then strip buat gw. BWAHAHAHAHAHA -.-"

  2. @Shinta: WAAAHHH ga seru atuh kalo si Hans ga mempan dipelongin...kalo si R2 kan seru dijailin gitu. Yah abis dianya juga iseng, jadi gua kudu tambah kreatif ngisengin HA HA HA HA HA...

  3. Always nice to be wanted! And loved. Sounds like you and hubby have both!

  4. Hehe, you're so funny. You both are so good together. ;-) I'm looking forward to our holidays, too. Hope yours will be a memorable one. ;-)

  5. Hahaha...kejadian serupa tapi udah beberapa minggu lalu. :D Bedanya gw yg di posisinya R2. Pas Ismo lagi ngomong persis kayak loe bilang ke R2, gw nya jawab "Yeah" dan dilanjutkan dg tidurrrr...zzz... Abis gw lagi cape sih waktu itu. But,'s nice to be wanted. :D

  6. 'R2: "Yeah." (too sleepy to continue the conversation)' = HILARIOUS! :D I can just picture you both! You squeezing, him sleepy... :D

    I still feel this way about My Darling even after 25 years! :D Infact, I know it is deeper, stronger and more wanting! :D Sometimes still to the point of crying when I look at him... and yes, I watch him when he is asleep too. :D:D:D

    Nice isn't it! :D

  7. Indeed, you two are so good together!