Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Inventory Valentine

Yep, didn't do anything much on Valentine's Day 'coz we had inventory night yesterday. Had to do a morning shift and then go back home to take a nap before going back to work in the evening. Busy day indeed. THANK GOD I have two days off, so I can rest and blog and blog-hop he he...

Yesterday got a surprise from the same grandpa who had bought me flowers twice already on different occasions. He bought another pot for someone else, but he was so nice that he even asked me which one I wanted (of the two pots that he had brought to the cashier). Here's the pot that he gave me:


My coworker said, "He must have a crush on you." I just laughed it off, 'coz I know he's not like that. He has a wife and he cares about me like a grandpa cares about a grandchild, so I always accept the flowers happily (without any weird feelings). :-)))

Another funny thing that happened yesterday was that another grandpa came by and while paying for the things he bought, he said, "XXX (the little girl who kinda likes me) said hi."

I thanked him and he said, "I'm her grandpa. She keeps on saying your name."

I said, "She's such a sweet girl." The proud grandpa said, "Yes, she is, isn't she?" BLESS HER TOO!!! I did meet the little girl a few days before her grandpa came by and it was so nice to see her smile and hear her say my name hi hi...:-D

If you wonder what I get from R2...well, he's not that kind of romantic guy, but he did wait for me to come back home even though I hadn't asked nor expected him to do so. The other month on inventory night, I told him, "Don't wait up for me 'coz I don't know how long it'd take." But he said, "But what if I DO want to wait for you?" HE HE HE...He's that kind of "romantic" type of guy and that suits me just fine. :-D And we still hold hands every time we watch movies together, even though my palms get sweaty easily but it doesn't bother him. :-D

Okie dokie, time to blog-hop 'coz I have a lot to catch up on!


  1. Aww...beautiful flower and nice grandpa! :D Lucky you, Mel! :)
    Gak cucu gak opanya, dua2nya ngefans ke loe. :D Enaknya dikau surrounded by lovely people just like them. :)

  2. Duhh..sweet banget deh si Opa..hihihihi...bless him banget deh yach! (and that girl too!!). Gw juga baru2 ini akhirnya keponakan gw yg paling kecil mau deket2 gw, malah kalo liat gw buru2 senyum sambil angkat2 tangan minta digendong. senangnyaaaaa kalo anak2 kecil kayak gitu ama kita yach...hihi

    Si R2 juga romantislah kalo kayak gitu mah. Cowok2 banyak lho yg malah sama sekali gak inget valentine. Boro2 mau nungguin, kadang2 istri pulang capek malah ditanyain kapan mau masak. (true story! not anyone I'm close with, tapi yach gw pernah denger dari temen gw -.-")

  3. Beautiful gift from lovely customer :D Happy Valentine's day

  4. Hi Amel :D!

    Gorgeous vase of orchids!

    Ah, Valentine's day is overrated anyway...so don't worry. ;)

    Big hug and have a great week!


  5. Hehe, they like you... ;-) What a feeling having him waiting for you at home, right... I love holding hands with hubby and still do...