Friday, February 25, 2011

3BT: Random Days

1. Body lotion for dry skin. Very useful and essential for living in a cold place like Sodankylä.

2. Bought hubby and myself a pair of soft, cuddly heart-shaped pillows that change shape according to the pressure given to them (to hug on our separate reclining sofas) and when I asked him what that type of pillow was called (I wanted to know what they were called in Finnish), he immediately said "Amel" (meaning that was the name he'd given the pillow). My heart melted right away. :-D

3. Two days ago, hubby just booked a short trip to Budapest for us for our upcoming winter holiday. WHOOOPPPEEEE!!! Honeymoon (again)! :-D

4. Making hubby laugh by gazing at him tenderly while saying "I love you", then in a split second I push my face as fast as I can as close as I can to his face with my "scary" look (eyes wide open in a horror movie style). That really made him laugh so much last night that I had to keep doing it a few times - and still he kept on laughing so much every time I did it. *tee hee*

5. Hearing news that my parents are probably going to Bali together with my bro, his wife, and Ken (and maybe with my bro's wife's family too). Happy to hear that they can go on a holiday together!

6. Taking pictures of nature:

First pic: tracks on a frozen river.

Unheated buildings...

Look at the frozen windows!


  1. Yayyy! I'm sure you can't wait for the short trip he he... Me can't wait for end of March. :-D Oh, that's good news about your parents. They need it.

  2. AWWWW!!! no. 2 makes me smile!! =) YAY for short trips! Emang enak bener yach tinggal di Europe, bisa keliling2..hehehe..Glad your parents get to go on holiday too! They are going to love it! =) LOVE LOVE LOVE your pictures, as always! =)

  3. Crikey it looks cold out there! But you have your heart shaped cushions and hubbys love to keep you warm! Great news about your parents holidaying!

  4. Really lovely shots and I wish you have a great time in Budapest next winter :D