Sunday, February 27, 2011

A Sprinkle of This and That

Been sneezing and my nose is runny. Not fun!!! Good thing is that I only have two work days next week so I have plenty of time to rest.

Yesterday went to my in-laws and turned out they had a little accident during the night the day before. FIL woke up to pee, but he fell down in the living room when he tried to take off his pants). MIL woke up, tried to help him up, but for some reason his legs wouldn't move for a while and due to MIL's and FIL's weight difference (he's about 30 cm taller), MIL accidentally sprained her back while trying to help him up. After all, dead weight must weigh MUCH more than the actual weight. She was thinking of calling an ambulance 'coz it was already 1.30 am, but after some time, he managed to help her help himself up.

When we arrived yesterday, MIL had just taken some painkiller, so I asked her if she had some kind of balm/salve to use for back pain. She forgot that she had that kind of spray, so I helped her spray it twice yesterday. Hope it helps a little. Tomorrow I'm gonna visit my friend and drop by her house first to check if she needs more help with the spray. Poor MIL!!! Hope she gets better fully later on, though it's kinda hard to know 'coz FIL's body has been rather stiff (esp. when he wakes up from long sleep) so it's gonna strain her body too. May God give her strengthhhhh...

On a brighter note, though, when I had a short work shift the other day, the little girl who likes me (whom I adore) came with her parents and younger sibling. I said hi to her happily and the Dad told me that she was so happy to see my bike in front of my workplace (yeah, there's no other adult except me who uses a kiddy's bike that has red bags at the back side). After telling me that, the little girl said, "Amelia's bike!" HA HA HA HA HA HA HA...She's just SO CUTE!!!

Anyhow, another piece of good news came from Mom. She said that my bro had booked the tickets to Bali. Now Mom's trying to remind Dad to eat properly so that his health stays stable 'coz otherwise it's not going to be easy to go on the trip to Bali later on.

Anyway, here's an old pic of me. I must've been around 3 or 4 years old at that time and that's my cousin next to me (he said in Facebook that it looked like he was scared of being scolded 'coz either he had tasted the cake with his finger or he was about to do so) hi hi hi...


  1. Love the photos and hope your MIL feels better soon

  2. Praying for your MIL & FIL right now. May God shower them with His strength.

    You are so freaking cute in that picture!!!!! LOVE it! =)