Thursday, May 12, 2011

First Impression + Personality

My closest friends and I have lately been talking about first impressions in our emails. Some of them were "wary" of me when they first met me 'coz I came across as a very serious, silent person. Little did they know that behind this "serious, silent" mask lies a very different girl he he he...

During my university days, I had another group of friends and after we got to know one another better, I started asking them what they think of me when they first met me. One described me as a "rock" (as in silent as a rock), another said I looked like a "bookworm" (I got this a lot), another said I was like a "fridge" (as in cool) HA HA HA HA HA...And then they started protesting that all those first impressions had fooled them 'coz when they got to know me, they realized I had more to me than just those words that they associated with me.

I couldn't help laughing when people mistake me like that. Hey, it's NOT my fault that the first impression fooled them!!! I didn't do it on purpose. This is just who I am. If you take time to get to know me, then you'll see more sides of me that you can't see in the beginning. But I guess this applies to many people as well (esp. the more silent types).

I must say that personality-wise, I think Finland is more my style than Indo. In Indo, I've never been what they expect me to be: good at chit-chatting and friendly. That's more my brother's style. He's always been the charmer, the artist in the family, whereas I'm more of the "brainy", the bookworm, the silent one.

We've both accepted our roles in the family without any bad feelings, 'coz our parents always treat us the same way (while still acknowledging our strengths and weaknesses and they act accordingly in terms of trying to help us reach our potentials). They never favor one more than the other and they never put one of us on a pedestal and I'm FOREVER GRATEFUL for that. :-D


  1. They thought I was quiet and bookish, too, Amel.

    Then one day someone said, "you're smart with books, but you're not 'STREET-SMART' " He referred to me being too naive and not know enough about non-verbal cues. But as you get older and in time, you just simply learn because you want to learn.

  2. Hahahahah!! sama kita teuh yach. Banyak orang sering pikir gw bookworm (iya sih..haha), serious, cool, whatever dah...udah kenal ternyata heboh binti iseng. =P

    Gw juga ngerasa Faroe is more my style than Indo. haha..apalagi kalo udah urusan basa basi ala indo..waduhh udah gak nyambung dah gw. Tapi kalo dipikir2 sih dari semua budaya yg gw temui sampe sekarang, gw paling nyambung ama Amrik and Jerman. Mugnkin karena gw ceplas ceplos yach..and gak pake basa basi..jadi lebih nyambung ama 2 budaya itu yg kruang lebih sama ama gw. haha