Monday, May 16, 2011

Singing Birds

On Sat I took a boring video clip just 'coz I wanted to share singing birds with you. So turn up the volume and enjoy the singing birds. I was in front of my MIL's apartment at that time and I just got out of sauna. It was such a treat to enjoy fresh air outside after being in a very hot sauna ha ha ha ha ha ha...

If you can't open it or if you want to view a bigger sized clip, click here:

We've been busy raking the leaves in the yard last weekend. I thought that 'coz I had done the raking last autumn, we wouldn't have needed to do it anymore, but boy was I wrong!!! We collected 20 sacks of dead leaves (10 of them are smaller sacks), but still quite an amount of dead leaves, eh?

Yesterday was especially a warm day at 17'C under the sun, so we spent hours outside. I only began planting some flower seeds yesterday hi hi...we'll see how they are like this year then. Today's been cloudy, so it was really GREAT that we spent so much time outside while it was sunny and warm. :-D

Here's a pic of the Mother's Day bouquet that I bought for my MIL. I was thinking that buying this type of flowers would last longer than buying cut flowers.

Hope you've had a lovely weekend, people!!! I can't wait for this upcoming weekend 'coz we're planning some barbecue party with MIL, BIL, and SIL. We shall see...:-D


  1. WAHHHH!!! enak banget yach suasana apartment MIL loe...wuihhh *mupeng* hahaha

    Aje gile..banyak banget yach daun2 yg kekumpul. Gw di sini gak pernah rake leaves...gak ada poon sih..

    WOAH! 17 degrees!! Kalo di sini orang2 udah pada complain pasti. HEAT wave katanya! =P

  2. That's why I like spring. Because can hear the singing birds when I wake up in the morning :D Lovely flowers.

  3. What kind of birds are they?
    I love spring b/c of the longer days, shorter nights, and the WARMTH :)

  4. Love the video and I'm ready for summer I have the camping itch bad.