Thursday, May 05, 2011

Spring Pictures

Yep, haven't taken too many pics lately 'coz the weather's been bad (it's been snowing lightly for the past two days though it melted right away), but finally it's sunny today so I went out to take some pics. Here's a pic of my fave tree in the whole village:

The bad thing was that the sun was against the camera, so I had to move to the other side...

However, I think that the tree looked better from the other side, but oh well...

Look...soon the leaves will start to sprout!!! :-D

Here are some pics of the river near the tree from different angles:

As you can see, over here the grass isn't green yet 'coz it's been around 0'C for the past few days, but I guess sooner or later it'll start to get greener and greener. :-D

In the pic below, the sun was hiding behind some clouds. That was why the river isn't as blue as in the other pics above.

Just playing around with the above pic HA HA HA HA...

Trying out inverted black and white style:

Hope you enjoyed the picssss...:-D


  1. Hey Amel,

    Finally!!! :D
    Phew, I managed to comment...what a battle.

    Anyway, loved the pics: specially the two last ones.

    I hope summer gets there real quickly: cause I know this year's summer will be blasting.

    Cheers, love!

  2. @Jul: THANKS. :-D Glad you enjoyed them.

    @Max: Oh dear...still so hard to comment? Geez...I wonder why. Glad you enjoyed the pics. And yeah, summer here is always so late and short he he...but we'll enjoy it as best as we can. :-D

  3. it's so nice not having to deal w/ snow anymore, isn't it?
    thanks for the pictures

  4. Enjoyed the pics! Loved the reflections. They would have won prizes at my camera club!

  5. @Nikki: You're a BETTER photographer than me. Glad you enjoyed the pics. :-D

  6. BEAUTIFUL, Mel! Love the river shots!!