Sunday, May 29, 2011

Toot Toot...

Yep, you read it right. I'm going on my first bus and train trip to southern Finland on Wed next week. R2 stays home 'coz he's got work to do. MIL and I on the other hand are going down south to attend the graduation party of my nephew (MIL's 1st grandson) from High School. It's a big thing here in Finland, this kind of graduation party. Usually people put invitations on local papers that they're having this graduation party at home and this party is due on Saturday 6th (so everybody who wants to throw this party should do so on the same day). I'm gonna take some pics later on.

BIL will pick us up at the train station and take us to a cabin somewhere (never been there before), so it's gonna be fun. I've checked the weather report and it should be rather hot there starting from Wed. We'll see.

I'll only go back on Sunday night and it's gonna be a bit rough 'coz I have morning shift on Monday (but I can always sleep on the way back to Sodankylä). Good thing I only have an evening shift on Tuesday and nothing else that week, so even if I get tired, I can rest a lot the rest of the week ha ha ha ha ha...

Can't wait to goooooo!!!! I shall be scant during my trip, so I'll report about this trip only after Monday or even Tuesday two weeks from now.


  1. Enjoy and have fun, Mel =) *duduk manis menunggu foto2 loe* =D

  2. @Shinta: THANKS, I will! :-D

  3. that sounds so fun, tell us how it goes, Amel ! :)